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Kacey's Corner

Introducing Kacey Crabtree

Introducing Kacey

After having two daughters in Germany now ages three and four and living the life of an Army wife for seven years, I am finally finding the time to blog along side my mom Chloe!  I endeavor to bring my own unique twist and influence to, from a perspective of a thirty -something wife and mother who has just transitioned to civilian life.  With a recent move to New Jersey along the Hudson River right across from Manhattan, I certainly have lots to share.  My  lifestyle contributions will range from child based celebrations, to family friendly recipes, and tips that keep families on top of their game.  I also worked as a kitchen and bath design consultant for six years, and hope to incorporate that experience into some great advice for Chloe’s followers.

I am so honored to be working with my talented mother.  My wedding marked the first time I collaborated on a large-scale celebration with Chloe.  This happened to be one of the first posts she shared at Celebrate & Decorate!  Due to my husband’s schedule with the military we were engaged over Thanksgiving weekend and had until January 1st to put together a fabulous winter wedding for 150 guests.  I hope you would agree we pulled it off!

One of the great ideas Chloe and I agreed upon when we began the daunting task of the seating charts, was to use three long tables.  We sat the groom’s family  to the right, the bride’s family to the left, and friends/co-workers with the bridal party at the center table.

We found this gorgeous tablecloth overlay that mimicked the design on my wedding dress, which was very elegant and one of my favorite decorative features of the entire wedding.

Of course what is a wedding these days without a candy bar? We created the candy bar theme like the cake in white and silver hues to compliment the elegant wintery theme!

Chloe actually surprised me with the snowflake lights that were projected on the ceiling.  The lighting features really helped transform the entire location. In addition, to the crystal trees that added a gorgeous icy element to the room.

I wanted a simple and elegant cake without fondant because I prefer the taste of buttercream frosting.  The result was very pretty, and delicious, which is the point of cake after all!

 Thank you very much for giving me the chance to share some of my favorite pictures from the wedding décor that Chloe and I designed, and an opportunity to reminisce at the same time!




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  1. Wow, what gorgeous photos of a winter wedding, and lovely & elegant decorating! Welcome Kacey…..looking forward to having you share your ideas & insights with us.

  2. Your wedding was stunning. Having two adult sons I will have to “sit on my hands” for their weddings. You and your mom pulling this off so quickly over the holidays is amazing.

    1. Well, Debbee I hope they will give you the opportunity to put on a fabulous shower or rehearsal dinner gathering! My mother-in-law organized and planned the rehearsal dinner and it was one of my favorite parts of the whole event because it was more intimidate with just close family and friends who were in the wedding party.

  3. Wonderful to have you join your mom, Kacey!! I hope you both have fun working together on Celebrate & Decorate. If it’s anything like your wedding collaboration, it will be fantastic!!

    1. I am not sure if I am as naturally talented as my mother, but hope to bring my own strengths to the blog! We just wish we lived close to one another, but luckily this gives us the opportunity to stay connected.

  4. Congratulations, Kacey, on joining your mother…now two beautiful and talented ladies! Your wedding was so exquisite and elegant. As your mother-in-law, I am still getting comments on your wedding. This was a testimony to the collaboration you and Chloe can do. Good luck on your new endeavor and have fun!

  5. Kacey, it is a pleasure to meet you. What a gorgeous wedding, thank you for sharing your beautiful photos! Welcome to the blogging world, I know your mom is excited to have you on board!

  6. Looking forward to you sharing your talent..I’m new to your Mother’s site. Oh how talented she is..You are a beautiful young lady, like Chloe.. Great n wonderful ideas will be on this site.. Your wedding pictures are stunning..breathtaking…Thank you for your time to share..

  7. Hi Kacey nice to meet you, you are so pretty you look a lot like your mom ,Your wedding looks like it was very beautiful what a beautiful wedding cake you had ,love the idea of the candy bar.

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