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Styling a Country French Kitchen

Country French is an Old World style of design and decorating that is a relaxed style making the home seem warm and comfortable.  Both bright and muted colors can be used.  Kitchen cabinets are stained or painted wood, often shown distressed to suggest the idea of many generations of use.  Often ornate tiles with French country scenes are used as back splashes.  Use a baker’s rack to display trinkets and treasures or to store cookbooks.  The kitchen table should be large and over-sized and also be distressed as to suggest many years of use.  Use checkered or toile fabrics for tablecloths or curtains.  French country motifs often include roosters, fruit, sunflowers and lavender.  Use baskets, especially those constructed from chicken wire to fill with rolled up kitchen towels, cloth napkins or fruit.

The fruit and the French words…

A few little accessories can be like icing on the cake for your kitchen.  Add some pretty kitchen towels like these with the pears and French words can make a difference.  I would smile.

Just lovely!

These green cabinets with a dry-brushed look to them certainly say country French to me.  For a real country French look, distressed cabinets are a perfect choice.

Roosters – a great French motif!
Country French motifs include all kinds of farm animals, after all, we are going for “country”; roosters, pigs and cows!
Lavender – another French motif!

A lovely vase of lavender can be tucked anywhere in your kitchen  for that  country French feel.  You can also add sunflowers, real or silk or simply printed on kitchen towels or curtains!

A lovely nook of a kitchen!
Our rooster re-appears!
To give this pot rack a more authentic country French look, change out the stainless steel pots for copper!
Painted cabinets and ceiling beams are indications of a Country French kitchen/
You can rent the villa with this kitchen in France!
A lovely French table setting.
Consider adding a touch of toile, even if it is just with placemats or cloth napkins.
Unfortunately we don’t all have stone walls and arches in our homes to use as this designer did!

So French, the blue and yellow and the sunflowers!

French Country style is casual and family-friendly.  Incorporate vintage features or accessories.  Accessories are what makes your country French kitchen unique!  Put your personal stamp on your own country French with accessories you love.


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  1. French country kitchens are my favorite especially when adding toile fabric. I’ve seen toile added to the back of glass kitchen cabinetry and it was beautiful. Good inspiration.
    Thanks for sharing.

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