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Sunday Style – Porches

A porch is defined as, “a covered shelter projecting in front of the entrance of a building”.  We know that a porch can be on the front of a building, or the side, or the “back porch”.  More importantly; if you have had the chance to sit and sip your morning coffee on a porch watching the early birds singing, or sharing lemonade on a warm afternoon with a loved one or snoozing in the fresh air on a classic “sleeping porch”; then you know, a porch is so much more!  I hope you have a porch, and I hope you have happy memories of spending time on your porch!

A classic comfortable front porch to settle onto.
An extra large bed swing invites lounging on this classic Georgia porch.
Wooden daybeds treated to withstand the outdoor weather make for a lovely sleeping porch.
A shabby chic porch
A modern screen porch
With mosquito netting, this would makes a great place to sleep

Pretty lights on this porch!
A little bit of Paris on your porch.
Bring on the lemonade!
I want to sleep on a porch like this..
Just lovely

I want to curl up with a good book here, how about you?

Go on out to your porch and enjoy!

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