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Sunday Style – White Decor

White.  Some people think it is the absence of color.  I think white is classic and chic.  Shades of white can make an incredible statement in a room.  The beauty of a white interior is that it works with any design style:  contemporary, shabby chic, transitional.   Don’t let a white interior intimidate you, embrace it and all the shades of it to design a space you love.

This white bedroom encompasses many shades of white, cream, and ivory to make the whole room work.

White is anything but boring.  The wonderful thing about an all white interior is that by adding something simple like the soft pink pillows in the picture above softens the entire space.

This white room works because of the silver accents and the soft grey in the stripe fabric on the chair and the pillow.

Sunday Style – Over the Top Bedrooms

I like themed rooms, particularly for children’s rooms, they can be a lot of fun; however, these rooms go a little over the top for me.  Many of these rooms are just financially unattainable for the average person.  Take a look and do a little dreaming, or pick out some of the ideas and modify them for your space and budget.

Dinosaur Bed

If you close your eyes to go to sleep, WATCH OUT!  You might wake up in the stomach of a dinosaur!

Creative walls in a children’s room covered with Lego pads so they can build and attach any Lego right to the wall. But, will it keep the pieces off the floor?