Tuesday Tips – Did you buy toilet paper?!?

You are probably wondering what the heck buying toilet paper has to do with a home decorating or throwing a party.  If you are having a party and you run out of toilet paper, then you know what this post has to do with!

 You don’t want this to happen at your party!

…and this really isn’t a practical option, is it?

Make you sure that you have a practical and attractive way to have extra rolls of toilet paper easy to find in each bathroom in your home or party venue.   Even if you don’t have another storage method, pick up a glass cylinder vase to stack the extra rolls in.

A day or two before a party you want to make sure you have EVERYTHING you might need.  That list includes, toilet paper, hand soap, dish soap, paper towels, plastic storage bags or containers for leftovers.   And make sure you have a plunger in the house!

I had prepared my home for a large family gathering, I had plenty of toilet paper on hand which one little toddler decided should be unrolled into the toilet.  No, problem, I have a plunger.  Oops, no, my adult daughter “borrowed” my only plunger to take to her condominium a couple of weeks before!  Okay, I now have two plungers in my house!   Make a list of everything you need and make sure you have plenty of it on hand!

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