10 Tips for Living a More Elegant Life

10 Ideas for Living a More Elegant Life

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A couple of years ago my husband, after enjoying a sandwich on one of the melamine plates we  keep for the granddaughters that he wished we led a more elegant life.  Now, there is nothing wrong with using melamine plates, particularly for quick everyday lunches.  I do not suggest you need to polish the silver and get out fine china for every weeknight dinner.  I did start thinking about what is an elegant life and how I can change things up to make our lives feel more elegant.  I don’t think you have to live in an expensive home or have a huge budget to live an elegant life. 

Spending a little time thinking about this, I came up and have since put into practice some of these ideas: 

1.  Make your front door welcoming.  Put up a wreath or swag on the front door.  Decorating your front door and putting out a pretty welcoming doormat make a statement both to guests, and for yourself! 
2.  Set a pretty table.  Even if it is just the two of you, which it mostly is for my husband and I, it makes a difference when you sit down to a pretty table for a meal.
 3. Buy yourself fresh flowers.  They don’t have to be expensive, a few blooms from the grocery store is all it takes!  For me, fresh flowers are always an elegant touch, and it is fun to treat yourself, too!  
4. Put out pretty towels or fold your towels pretty.  I am struggling with this one myself, since after showering our towels end up hung on a hook, and don’t look elegant at all.  We will be renovating our bathrooms at some point and I am thinking hard as to how to position towel rods and hooks to make the bathrooms look nicer.  For now, I think I will be buying myself a couple of new bath sheets, something that will help!  
5.  Make your bed every day.  It has been said that making your bed will start your day off well and make you more productive throughout the day.  I choose to believe that whenever you walk by that room, you will get the feeling that you do live an elegant life, like walking into a hotel room with the bed all nicely made.  Add some art like the whale diptych above my bed.  

Coastal cottage master bedroom
h5>6.  Keep clutter at bay.  A cluttered space isn’t an elegant space.  We use baskets and boxes to keep the clutter hidden away.  Look for a unique box that coordinates with your decor. This one sits on a table in our foyer and the mail, keys and sunglasses get tucked in there as soon as we come in the door. 

7.  Add green plants to your interior.  I know there are lots of good reasons for added green plants to your home, it is healthy, they add a bit of something natural and so on, but I think they add elegance to a home, too.  
Casual Coastal Home
8.  This one was contributed by my husband…NEVER serve a drink in a plastic glass.  We will have to revisit this when the pool goes into the back yard!  Champagne is always a good idea!9.  At least on occasion, serve up those snacks in a pretty dish instead of just opening up the jar of nuts or bag of chips and sticking your hand in!  Ladies luncheon tablescape
10.  Get yourself some pretty notecards and take the time to handwrite a note now and then.  It doesn’t have to be a thank you or an invitation, it can simply be a “hello, I thought of you”.  I am not sure there is anything more elegant than writing or receiving a handwritten note!

Do you want to live a more elegant life?  Might you incorporate some of these ideas?  I have already put some of these into practice and plan on getting those new bath towels this week!  Let me know what you think makes for a more elegant life!  I love to hear from you!

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  1. I hear ya, Chloe! BUT, I think what you’ve given us are things you basically already do or live! They don’t seem “elegant” to me. They are simple, doable and inexpensive, as you say. If I may, this is what I’m thinking. I think your hubby knows what elegant is by traveling so much and being treated a certain way. a good way – an elegant way! Take for instance cruising. There are many ways to cruise – starting with the basics – an inside cabin, lower level. This is no where near anything elegant. And next, probably an outside cabin with a balcony. Things are a bit better, but still not elegant. Then there are the suites that include having butlers or genies – someone to pamper all of your needs! And with the suites you’re provided access to exclusive areas – to relax and dine- away from the general population! Now we’re talking the elegant life! Lol!

    1. Ah, Gail, you are so right about being pampered is quite elegant, and indulgent! I haven’t had that pleasure on a ship, but I do love my balcony cabins! I can’t admit to doing all of those things, but I keep trying! Two years ago when I first wrote one of these posts on an elegant lifestyle, I did go out and get new bath sheets for my condo in Ohio, but, boy is it time for new ones in Florida. I would be embarrassed to show off those towels, they are growing so thin!

  2. I think I have always lived an “elegant life” because of my mom. It’s not money, it’s the look and feel of elegant and something special. One time I was checking out of Home Goods and the young man said “You always buy the prettiest things” It’s quality, not quantity. It’s the pretty salad plates on white plates. It’s buying something “special” for yourself every year. Remember when there were so many discount places on I-Drive that sold dishes and crystal ?
    Thanks for posting.

  3. I like your list! It’s so easy to not set the table nicely when it’s just us 2. Another I’m mentally planning is sprucing up the porch and patio furniture for morning coffee. It’s time to reorganize my china so it’s easier to find those special pieces. Have a great morning!

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