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12 Fun Ideas for a Lego Party

You have a Lego lover at your house and it is all about the Legos, all of the time!  Birthday party time is coming, so Lego is the perfect theme!  Here are 12 fun ideas for a Lego party that will make this the party all the kids will be talking about!


Lego Party BackdropI repinned this one from Beau-Coup and I can’t find the image on their page any longer, but this backdrop is perfect, isn’t it?  Colorful square paper plates topped with round ones make your party wall look like giant Lego bricks!

Guess How Many Legos
Coolest Parties

This party game of guessing how many Legos has been one of the most popular on my Pinterest boards, such a simple activity, yet the kids will love it!  So many wonderful Mom’s are hosting fabulously themed Lego parties and I have an entire Pinterest board about them.  You can find my Lego Pinterest Board by clicking on that link.

Lego Pull Pinata
Delia Creates

Delia gives you all of the details on how to make this fun Lego-themed pull pinata.  Fill it with candies or little Lego gifts.

Lego Bean bag game
Stamp With Heather

Another fun activity could be a Lego themed bean bag toss!

Jello Legos and Mini Figures
Grasping for Objectivity

Make Jello Lego bricks and mini figures and your party guests will be eating them up!

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61DGXKkzGWL._SL1000_All kinds of silicone molds like these can be found on Amazon at really inexpensive price points.  You can use them for Jello, ice cubes, brownies or even to create your own custom crayons as party favors!

Anders Ruff

Anders Ruff offers all the greatest ideas and products for parties and this Lego party was no exception!  How about that fun backdrop, and that Lego head birthday cake!

Lego Birthday Banner
Laurel Lane

What a fun Lego banner Laurel made for this backyard Lego party!  This could be done inside or out, and is such an easy project.

Birthday Child's Name in Legos
South Shore Mamas

How about spelling out the birthday child’s name in Legos or  you could create a big number celebrating the birthday year.

DIY Lego Decor or Storage

Victoria over at ObSEUSSed shows you how easy it is to DIY this Lego storage container, but I think it would also make a great decoration for a Lego party table!

Lego Straws

What kind of drinks will you be serving?  You can find these fun Lego heads to dress up your straws or simply make these yourself!

Lego Party Plates
Teal and Lime

Take a non-toxic black marker to some square yellow paper plates and you have Lego Mini Figure heads for your place settings!

If you are interested in any of these great party ideas please click on the links below the pictures to take you to the individual websites for all of the details!

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  1. Wow you are SO creative and this is SO colorful! What kind would not love this?! The lego piñata is awesome! Makes me miss my kiddos being little. I think all the cool party supply shops came out well after mine were grown up. I was never creative either. Love this post!

    1. I know Joely, I never hosted a Lego themed party for my son, and he lived for Legos! Maybe for one of my grandchildren one of these days!

  2. How much fun is this? I remember when I lived in Minneapolis & would visit Lego in the Mall of America – so many amazing creations! Your creativity is so amazing!! So many unique & fun ideas!!

  3. OMG, this is the cutest lego birthday party. I love all the DIY decorations especially the legos in the baby food jars, great job!!!

  4. I love every one of these ideas! I am pregnant with a little boy right now and birthday parties are something that I want to go crazy on, much to my husband’s dismay (due to worrying about the bank account), but this is so inexpensive and adorable! I would have never thought to use the paper plates! That is genius!

    1. Thanks Chrishelle, they are adorable ideas, aren’t they! Best wishes with the new baby!

    1. Thanks, I know about the adult thing! My son didn’t take his Legos when he left home and that have on occasion been played with!

  5. Cute ideas Chloe! My grandsons are Lego lovers and they are all over the place, constantly making me crazy! I am going to paint some Lego storage containers for organizing, so cute!

  6. It’s all fun and games until you step on one of them! haha great idea though, so colorful and creative!

  7. Wow,love these ideas.I have them lego molds.I am so going to try recreating some of this myself.Ths=anks for the ideas!!!

  8. Very creative and fun ideas. I love legos, a LEGO Party would be fun

  9. Stephanie Ortez says:

    Yes!! my son is a huge lego fan, thank you so much for this! I’ve been wanting to throw a lego party for so long, they’re so colorful and full with the ideas to keep your guest entertained.

  10. These are very workable ideas. I love the legos theme. I can’t think of a child who wouldn’t love the theme!

    I would have loved to make something like this for my kids. They still love legos so much!

    1. I wish I had this inspiration when my son was little too, I guess there are always grandchildren!

    1. Those are Jello jigglers legos figures that you can make using those molds you can get on Amazon! Fun, huh? You can also use those molds to make Lego figure crayons which would be great favors!

      1. Arolyn sargent says:

        I am making a cake for my grandson’s 6th birthday this Sunday. I am going to make brownies for everyone else, and have purchased a silicon mold and bought chocolate in red, green, blue, yellow,, white and orange, Will make edible legos to decorate the trim on cake a dab of ice cream on the brownie, with sprills and topped with a lego chocolate.

        1. That is such a cute idea! I am sure your grandson will love it! My granddaughter just turned 6 today, and is quite the Lego lover, too! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a comment! HUGS, Chloe

  11. I love themed parties! This is a great idea and I know my kids re going to love it

    1. Thanks Ana, I do too! If you need some inspiration for some adult themed parties you should check out the book I reviewed, Parties that Wow by Jonathan Fong. He has some great ones. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Cathy Mini says:

    A Lego party would be so much fun, especially with these ideas. I’m loving the Lego pinata!

  13. wow, how amazballs is this. I just showed it to my son and he wants a lego themed party now too.

    1. Thanks, let’s face it, Legos are a great product for kids and a nice theme for a party!

  14. Elizabeth O. says:

    Lego is a classic, you can’t go through your childhood without being fascinated with those awesome building blocks. This is definitely a fun theme for a party, no matter what your age is! I love the decor, it’s spot on!

  15. These are some fun ideas that are home made and don’t seem to break the bank. too often birthday parties become crazy expensive. I like that you made many of these things yourself at low or no cost.

  16. The kids within our family and relatives have all been raving about the Lego movie and the videogames around it. These ideas look awesome and just right for an upcoming birthday party.

  17. Lego themed party looks exciting to prepare. I would love to try the Lego inspired jello for the kids!

  18. These are awesome ideas! I love the LEGO pinata! I bet I could make that!

  19. These are all some awesome ideas! I really like that lego pinata! That’s so neat. I also love the lego jello. I have seen those before and thought they were neat.

  20. I love the idea of throwing a lego party for my lego obsessed nephew, he would love that!

  21. I now have a party sorted for my 3 year old. He loves lego and sleeps with his favorite StarWars lego character in his bed! Great party ideas.

  22. OMgoodness this is so fun!!! I am pinning, saving all of that because I think this may have to be my son’s next theme. Just because I love it!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  23. My son’s new bff (our next door neighbor) doesn’t like Legos. My son was MORTIFIED< lol. But they still make it work. A LEGO party though, would be awesome. The school has an after school Lego Club and I think that's fun too.

    1. I had no idea there was anyone in the world who doesn’t like Legos! When my son was little, I had to MAKE him take a break from Legos to have a meal!

  24. Robin Ruehrwein says:

    These look like such fun ideas! I know that my kids would love a party theme like this!

  25. Krystle Cook says:

    Lego has become so popular lately and taken everything by storm. This looks like a really cute party!

  26. What a fantastic line up. Kids everywhere are rejoicing because of this…Fun…Fun..Fun

  27. My son loves all things blocks, so he would definitely love this type of party idea! So fun!

  28. Such an awesome round up, and I may just lose my mind over all the LEGO awesomeness. Pinning for my lego boys!

  29. It’s amazing to think that back then, all of us just starting out, and that we had NO IDEA the adventures ahead of us. Couldn’t even have imagined, right? I adore watching the success you’ve had and the path that you’ve made… while staying true to your heart. Which is why I know this project will be a success – it’s not a gimmick, a show, a marketing idea. This is so you, sharing your passion in a way to truly change the lives of others. You, are so great.

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