15 Inspiring White Kitchens

I want a new kitchen.  I have only lived in our new home for about eight weeks, but I still want a new kitchen.  I knew I wanted a new kitchen when we bought the house, but I thought I would make do.  You know when you go to an open house, or tour a house with your realtor and it all looks so shiny and bright?  Then you move in and you notice the thermofoil finish is peeling off the corners of some of the cabinets and drawers.  You really can’t stand waiting for the stovetop to heat up since you are used to cooking on with an induction stovetop.  How about that weird angle that means if you open the dishwasher you gouge the leg of the person standing at the sink?  For now, I can scour the internet for inspiring white kitchens, and I have really been inspired!  I hope you are too.

White kitchen
Hendel Homes

1.  I love this kitchen by Hendel Homes, especially that great big island.  This would be perfect for hubby and I to dine most nights.  The wood top on the island makes it really seem like a dining table. Amazing kitchen with brick wall

Source: HGTV

2.  Sigh!  I just want this house, not just the kitchen!  Everything about it is stunning, although, if that is a pantry with the glass door in the corner, I would need the glass frosted.  I use my pantry as a place to hide all my mess.  It might really be a wine cooler, though, which is pretty neat.

White Kitchen Love
Source: Ellie Bean Design

3.  Ellie Bean has so many great ideas on things to do to make your white kitchen last the test of time.  I guess just making it a white kitchen is a pretty good beginning.

White angled kitchen
Source: Heartland Luxury Homes

4.  I have a weird angle in my new kitchen that I am not really happy with.  Do you like this angle in this kitchen?

Whtie kitchen with shuttered cabinet doors
Source: Watermark Homes

5.  I found this kitchen over at Watermark Homes.  This is the first time I have seen kitchen cupboards with shutter style cabinet door fronts.  They might be just the thing for my coastal style home.

White kitchen with blue stone countertops
Source: Housekaboodle

6.  Beautiful white cabinets with a beadboard look combine with this amazing blue countertops.

Source: Inspirational Kitchen Ideas

7.  A white kitchen doesn’t have to look coastal or farmhouse, it can be over the top glamorous like this one with top of the line finishes and a chandelier over the kitchen island.

Source: HGTV

8.  Cabinets going all the way to the ceiling really expand your storage space in a kitchen and don’t leave you with any of those pesky dust gathering cabinet tops.

White kitchen with marble subway tile backsplash
Source: Jackson Built Homes

9.  We have been going back and forth between white walls and pale blue walls.  I would love to hear your thoughts about that.  I would say we are leaning toward all white right now with the artwork and the fabrics being the punch of color.

Source: HGTV

10.  The column detail at the edge of this kitchen is a lovely detail.  It looks as if the cabinet sections under the breakfast bar open.

Dreamy White Kitchen
Source: Cedar Hill Farmhouse

11.  This kitchen doesn’t seem like it opens to the rest of the house, it actually seems part of the house.

White Kitchen with wood cathedral ceiling
Source: Court Atkins

12.  This is a stunning kitchen with a feature I have begun seeing in new larger homes.  Double islands.  One of the islands is primarily a work island and the second is more of a serving and dining island.

White kitchen with beautiful dining island
Source: Polhemus Savery Dasilva

13.  This beautiful white kitchen offers an island big enough for four to dine at and both a primary sink and a bar or prep sink.

White kitchen with basketweave tile backsplash
Deerfield Estate Kitchen

14.  The basketweave tile in the backsplash is amazing in detail.  Do you like the different countertops in this kitchen?

Source: DigsDigs

15.  I love the pop of color on the beadboard behind these shelves.  It is a great contrast in a white kitchen.

Do you have a favorite among all of these amazing kitchens?  I know I can’t decide, but I would love to hear what you think!

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  1. Chloe,
    I adore #7, but I would use #11’s lightening over the kitchen island!!!
    Like you, I resourced many kitchen inspirations until I decided what
    features to add to our kitchen make~over!!!
    Thank you for sharing, dear friend!!!

  2. Beautiful kitchens… Its a toss up between the stone wall and the wooden ceiling…
    My kitchen is chair rail with beige-ish wall paper and grapes 🙂 White looks so Clean though !! Good luck ! 🙂

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