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The kitchen was an entire “gut’ job so deciding on the kitchen cabinetry was a challenge.  This home is in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, which is not exactly a hotbed of modern cabinetry and furniture options.  I found so few options, and most of those were outrageously expensive.  I was going through the Home Depot one day and stopped by to browse the cabinet choices there.  I was amazed to find these beautiful sleek cabinets from Martha Stewart for Home Depot!  I showed them to my designer and we both agreed, this was the look I was going for. Gray, white, stainless and glass tile backsplash Modern Gray Kitchen ~ Celebrate and Decorate Modern Grey kitchen cabinets Hidden-kitchen-vent-hood

One of my absolute favorite things in the kitchen is my vent hood.  I found this when I was looking at those astoundingly expensive kitchen cabinets.  I didn’t buy their cabinets, but I got this hood!  I love how it almost totally disappears when not in use.  It is over my induction cooktop, which is another one of my loves!  When I watch home shows when people are shopping for a home and keep talking about how they “must” have a gas range, I just say to myself, they have never cooked on induction!  It is so fast and responsive, it is a joy to cook on. Display shelves in kitchen.