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Craft with Chloe & Chas

We are subscription group of craft enthusiasts!

One Live Craft a Week

Chloe and Chas will take turns each week presenting at least one Live Craft per week! These craft tutorials will be exclusive to our community.

Lists of Supplies

For each weekly Live Craft you will receive a lists of supplies. This list will be delivered ahead of time so you can join in and craft along with Chloe and Chas.

Live Q&A Sessions

We will frequently hold Live Question and Answer sessions where you can come with your questions and where we will answer questions that come in through comments and emails.

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We can't wait to see you, and your crafts!

We are thrilled to offer all of this to you for just $19.99 a month. As long as you are subscribed you will get access to our complete archive of crafts through our private Facebook Group. Sign up today and lets get crafting!

Our group includes all of the following: