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Entry – Condo Tour

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Welcome to my condo! I’m so glad you’re here. To the left you’ll find the kitchen and straight ahead we have the dining room. 
Modern-apartment-entryI have to take a moment to tell you about this console table in the foyer.  This is actually a very solid table originally built as a sofa table out of MDF and then covered in dusty rose formica.  Some of you are old enough you will remember the popularity of dusty rose.  It matched my navy blue and dusty rose sofa!  Since then it has been covered with wallpaper, stripped and covered with crumpled up paper and painted black, then white (to simulate a leather surface), stripped again and now has been wallpapered again to match our latest decor.

As you pass the kitchen from the entry way and turn left into the living area you will see this strange column.  This weird little niche had to be left in the condominium because of various building inspector requirements and I was really in a quandary as to what to do with it.  The thick frosted glass makes the top durable enough to set out food or beverages, or just to display flowers or plants.  The picture of the Walt Disney World monorail is one we have had for ages.  We honeymooned at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, so this has special meaning to us, and the colors fit so well in the new place.  The niche on the floor was another challenge.  I searched the internet for hours looking for something to tuck in there.  I finally came up with the idea of buying some old bowling pins and was going to paint them all a solid color.  When they arrived and I opened the box I noticed the pins were white with their red rings and blue labels and the nicks all over them from use were gray.  This picked up all the colors in the picture above, and all I had to do was place them in their formation and I was done!

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