Make a Patriotic Wreath!

Make a Patriotic Wreath!

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I have been ready to bring out the red, white and blue for a week or so now.  Summer seems to come early here in Florida, or maybe it is just the summer weather that comes early.  Regardless, I want to honor those who have paid the ultimate price for my freedom with a patriotic wreath on my front door.

The Base:

Straw wreath formI began with an 18″ straw wreath form.  Using a 21 weight wire to push through the straw I made a loop. A Command hook will make it easy to hang this on your door. 
Straw wreath with a loop of wire to hang it fromMake sure your wrap the ends of your wire around so that no sharp end will brush up against and scratch your door.  If you want a little extra protection, you can wrap the wire with fabric or a fuzzy pipe cleaner.

Prepping the flowers:

Using wire cutters to cut apart an artificial red geranium bush.

Cutting the blooms off a red silk geranium plantThis can be made easier with large hydrangea blooms.  I could not find red hydrangea in a bright red, so I selected red artificial geranium bushes.  Cut all of the blooms off of the red and white bushes.

Hand on wood wired stick bundle
You can use these wood wired sticks to secure a couple of the blooms so that they can be secured into the straw wreath form.  Using a steel pick machine to attach picks to silk bloomsAn alternative to using wood wired sticks is to use a Steel Pix machine.  If you make wreaths or other crafts to sell, it might be worth investing in.  Attaching a patriotic bow to the bottom of a straw wreathYou can attach any red, white and/or blue ribbon to your wreath.  I selected a dark blue with white stars.  I used eighteen feet of ribbon for this bow and the long streamers I attached.  Securing the bow with a pipe cleaner, I used the same pipe cleaner to attach the bow to the bottom of my wreath.  If you would like, you can view my bow-tying tutorial here:  Bow Tying Tutorial. This part is really east.  All you need to do is to use the steel or wood pick on the blossoms to push them securely into the straw wreath. (Don’t unwrap the plastic from the wreath.)  I used 3 – 4 of the geraniums and 2 of the white hydrangea blooms.  Work your way around the wreath alternating the red and white blossoms.  

Finishing up: 

Patriotic WreathContinue sticking the blooms into the straw wreath securely, alternating red with white.  I used 3 or 4 bunches of the red geraniums for each red stripe and 2 white hydrangeas for each white stripe.  Patriotic Wreath on blue front door

There you have a pretty bold red and white wreath with a great blue and white starred ribbon with long streamers to make a statement.  Will you be decorating your home for the Fourth of July or Canada Day? 




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    1. My husband and I were delighted when we went to Canada on an anniversary trip to discover that all of Canada was celebrating our anniversary! Of course, later, we realized that it was really Canada day, so we had fun teasing our Canadian friends that we enjoyed our surprise Anniversary celebration!
      Cloe, Your wreath is truly beautiful!

  1. Beautiful as usual my friend….I don’t know where the time has gone, but the hurried-er I go, the behind-er I get. ;( . i still haven’t posted a red white and blue Memorial day picnic….butt I would love to find the time to make a pretty wreath like yours. Hugs

  2. Very pretty and the step by step pictures are so helpful. We’re still waiting on the warmer temps to stay for longer than a few days. It’s the end of May and we still have the heater on, no fun.

  3. I’m unfamiliar With the wired wooden sticks- do you just push them through the blooms? What is the wire for? Thanks- beautiful wreath but as you can tell I’m not a crafter!!

    1. Lay the stem next to the wood stick and then wrap the wire around the stem and down to add at least one twist of the wire around the stick at the bottom of the stem. Good luck!

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