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Silver Dream Tablescape Review

Disclosure: I received the Silver Dreams Collection in exchange for sharing the information and my honest opinion. All opinions are mine. Please read Disclosure.

When Smarty Had a Party asked me to review their Silver Dreams Collection I wasn’t quite sure their products would be something I would use.  Then I got thinking about hosting outdoor parties. I really wouldn’t want to take my good china outdoors on the paver patio, since one slip would have me heading over to!  After taking a look at the following pieces from the Silver Dreams Collection and browsing their website I know this is a company I will keep in my favorites tab and come back to when I’m planning an outdoor party.

Silver Dreams Party Package

I also like the idea that I can set a beautiful table for a more formal event and not have to worry about all the clean up!  This got me thinking about the times I have hosted parties at community clubhouses.  This would be a great alternative to hauling dishes!

Silver Dreams Party Pack from Smarty Had A Party

This is only one of many styles and designs they have for their dishes.  You are likely to find something you would like to use the next time you are entertaining and don’t want to or want have the time to clean up.   This package includes a sheer table overlay, sheer bows for chairs (which really didn’t add to my poor lawn chairs I am still using), heavy duty silver plastic flatware, silver cloth napkins, pressed cardboard silver chargers, white heavy duty plastic dinner plates and salad or bread plates.


I know that I would turn to these party packages when I am entertaining away from home, perhaps at the beach or in a park.  Any entertaining in remote location would lend itself to using disposable dishes instead of me packing up and taking dishes to the location and then bringing all of the dirty dishes home.  I am not a caterer, just a woman who likes to entertain!

Silver Dream Tablescape

Everything in this package is disposable, you don’t have to return any of it or haul it back home to clean and store.  I chose to make this tablescape a little more upscale with the addition of a fabric tablecloth, which I think makes all the difference in the world.  In addition to the tablecloth I added this spectacular fresh flower arrangement and a black fabric tablecloth under the sheer overlay, which helped to make my table look very formal.

Elegant Tablescape by Smarty Had A Party

Even close up, isn’t this a lovely table setting?  I would choose to use glass wine glasses when setting this table.  If you read The Perfect Glass, you will understand why I have an ample supply of these glasses that are the perfect glass for so many occasions.

What is your favorite aspect of disposable dinnerware?

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  1. Wow, these things are very attractive Chloe, and great for transporting~ are they affordable or pricey?

  2. I love that you’ve created a formal and beautiful table with disposable
    products. Well done!

    1. Thanks Laurie! It would be perfect for something I was hosting out of my home, I really don’t like hauling dirty dishes!

  3. Chloe,
    If I hadn’t read your post, I’d have been fooled!!!
    Great tablescape, dear friend!!!
    I prefer to use “real” dinnerware for entertaining. . .
    but my Circle Ladies prefer that we use “paper” for our meetings!!!!
    Easy clean~up is the one main key to using disposable!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

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