The Wayfair Heart Home Conference

I was so very fortunate to attend the Wayfair Heart Home Conference in Boston this past weekend.  This was a great weekend to gather all kinds of information about home products and home decor trends, along with ideas for sharing my knowledge and ideas more effectively with you, my dear readers.


I was really moved by Maxwell Ryan’s keynote address.  Mr. Ryan said:

  Your home is a path, not a place, as you change, your home changes.

That is a powerful statement, isn’t it?  I know I have travelled along that path as my family grew, left home and is now returning with grandchildren.  Ours is a home that suits two adults for the majority of the time and yet, we have enough space to welcome our married adult children and our grandchildren when they come visit.  My husband and I live in different ways in our home than we have in the past.  Have you changed the way you have used your home over the years?  When you change the way you live in a home, you may have to change other things about your home.  I know I want leather sofas so my grandchildren can climb up and tumble over them without likely damaging them.

White Sofa Challenge

Joss and Main (a Wayfair company) had a great decorating challenge for the attendees.  They had this sofa and coffee table and all kinds of throws, pillows and accessories we could choose from to design the sofa and area around it.  Photos were snapped and after we shared them on Instagram, they chose a winner to receive a gift certificate.  I didn’t win, but I certainly won by being able to attend this great conference and meet all of the other great bloggers.

Heart Home Swag

No conference would be complete without a “swag bag”.  Check out all the fun stuff I received to go along with my signed book from Maxwell Ryan and my bath rug from Stainmaster.  Thanks to all the businesses and sponsors, Apartment Therapy, Sherwin Williams, Stainmaster, Instagram and more!

Pitch Perfect Stepping Into the Media Spotlight

It was great to hear from Jane Francisco, Editor in Chief of Good Housekeeping, Jennifer Fernandez, of Lonny Magazine, Stephanie Sisco the Home Editor of Real Simple and Coastal Living’s Homes Editor, Ellen McGauley (pictured right to left) in a panel discussion on how to pitch Celebrate & Decorate to any one of these publications.  Maybe you will see me in print one day!   The rest of the day was filled with a delicious lunch and great business sessions covering a broad range of topics for those interested in the world of home decor branding and blogging.

All Modern Lounge

Friday night brought a wonderful “House Party” hosted by Wayfair at Liquid Art House in the Back Bay area of Boston.  There was delicious food and plenty to drink, and a great lounge furnished with fun pieces from the Wayfair brand, All Modern.

wayfair Headquarters in Boston

Saturday morning meant it was time for us to travel to the Wayfair Headquarters!  We had a quick breakfast and then got down to business attending workshops on sewing, crafting and photography.

Instagram Workshop Photo

I was so lucky to attend the Instagram styling workshop hosted by Gilit Cooper of The Bannerie.  Above is my attempt at styling.  I think it turned out pretty good, how about you? The Saturday morning at the Wayfair offices was a great way to close the Heart Home conference.

It was a great weekend, and I hope that I am able to bring my readers better content, better photos and lots of exciting new things you want to see. Please take a minute to comment below and let me know what you would like to see me feature in the future.  If you are a blogger and want to hear about any more of the details of what I learned, just message me below and I will get back to you!

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    1. Thanks Karen, it was a big travel expense for me, but I really learned some great things to put into action, such as how to pitch to a magazine like Coastal Living or Real Simple!

  1. This was a great opportunity for you and I’m grateful that you are sharing it with us. I love your videos and hope to see more in the future. I’d also like to hear more about pitching to magazines, brands, etc. One more thing, is Martha really on the way out?

  2. Oh, Sandra, I really got a kick out of your last question. I think what Max was saying is that those of us who have loved and followed Martha are aging and the Millennials are not so attached to her. They are looking for new ideas and looking for them in new places, like social media and online videos. The couple of big take-aways I had about pitching to magazines is don’t publish the material on your blog first, the magazines want TOTALLY, new and original content. Also, pitch via email, and include beautiful photos. Once you have pitched to a magazine, give it a week and then follow up with an email. If you don’t hear back in another two weeks, let them know via email you are moving on to pitch it elsewhere and go ahead and pitch it to another publisher. I am planning lots more videos, shorter ones, and not necessarily recipes, so stay tuned!

  3. Hi Chloe – I love the Instagram styling! That is something that I struggle with – it is hard to do! Would love to hear your tips on what you learned for those struggling at stylin’ their Instagrams!

    Really like your blog – so fun!


    1. Thank you Colleen, I have felt so overwhelmed with styling my instagrams perfectly that now I find I am not sharing as much as I should. I did learn that if you are going to use a filter, always use the same filter. I also learned that you should always stay with the same shape. If you use the square, always use the square because it will make your Instagram home page look better. Take the time to style those pictures! If you are painting a room, give a little hint with a picture of the can and a paintbrush with some of the paint on it! I am heading over to check out cocobordeaux. Right away I am drawn in with that headline…I need to go read!

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