Why You Should Take a Break from Pinterest

Sometimes it’s good for us to disconnect from our phones and computers and put our heads into a good book.  That doesn’t mean you have to put a hold on being inspired for those many entertaining occasions coming up. Pinterest is great, but let’s take it back to the basics…  I have the answer,


Celebrate Your Story! #27

Welcome to the 27th Celebrate Your Story! link party.  I am getting a short break from the hustle and bustle of having two toddlers underfoot this weekend with a short trip up to Ohio.  I haven’t been up to our condo in Ohio since February!  I enjoyed a lovely walk around Edgewater


Caprese Skewers

Caprese skewers are such an easy appetizer to add to your party menu, and so easy for your guests to eat.  I really like party foods served on skewers since they can be picked up easily and eaten easily, even when your guests have a drink in their other hand.  These are


Celebrate Your Story! #26

This Thursday my son in law arrives from Germany.  I know my daughter and and granddaughters are past being ready for him to arrive.  It will be a wonderful family reunion for them, but this also lets me know that my time with them is coming to a close.  This has been


Updating a Child’s Table and Chairs

With my granddaughters coming for a couple of months, I wanted to get them set with a tiny table and chairs, just their size.  Instead of investing in an expensive set, I was fortunate to buy a rather sad set for $15, so it was time for updating a child’s table and


Celebrate Your Story! #25

Beginning this week each of your hosts for this party will be featuring their favorite posts from the previous week.  We hope this brings some more traffic to those of you with your fantastic shared posts!   Isn’t this is what a link party is all about?  Sharing great ideas and generating


Five Minute Chocolate Walnut Fudge

We had new neighbors move in next door!  This is exciting, because the house has been sitting vacant since before we moved in last May!  I wanted to take a little something over to welcome them to the neighborhood and whipped up this quick and easy five minute chocolate fudge!Chocolate walnut fudge


Celebrate Your Story! #24

May has arrived!  This begins the season of celebrations, Mother’s Day, First Communions, graduations and more!  This week we will kick off the month with Cinco de Mayo!  We don’t ever make a big deal about Cinco de Mayo, but it is fun to decorate the dinner table and have some Mexican-inspired


Hats Off To You!

The time of year has arrived, time to celebrate and appreciate those who have accomplished things, like graduates, and those who mean so much to you, like Mom for Mother’s Day and Dad for Father’s Day.  Be it a Graduation Party, a Retirement Party, or perhaps someone has gotten a job they


Celebrate Your Story! #23

I can’t believe that April is almost behind us and May is upon us.  Did you make May Day Baskets when you were a child?  I can remember making fancy paper cones, putting handles on them, filling them with flowers and leaving them on neighbors’ doors.  I lived so many places as