A Magnificent Martini for the Academy Awards

I decided for my Academy Awards party I really needed a signature drink.  These black martini glasses were just perfect for the occasion, so martinis it would be. Staying with the black and gold theme, I first rimmed each glass with gold sanding sugars. Next came basic martini ingredients with a little


Top Five 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

Yes, I know I said I couldn’t get into the Super Bowl. However, with the commercials making their way around the internet like wild fire before Sunday’s main event, I couldn’t help but watch a few. Here are my picks for the top five pre-game full length ads. For me, its nice


I Just Cannot Get “into” the Super Bowl

I have tried, I have really tried.  I wanted to bring my readers some great ideas for celebrating the Super Bowl.  I didn’t even know where the Super Bowl was going to be until I went to the BASH Conference in Phoenix.  I tried to start a post on healthy food alternatives


A Grand and Glittery Academy Awards Party

If you have never invited friends in to watch an awards show, you are really missing out!  It is so much fun to get together with friends and dish on all of the stars and all of the fantastic dresses.  I decided that I would like to feature this Academy Awards party


Incredibly Easy Curry and Rice

I don’t know where my mother got her Curry and Rice recipe, but I remember her making this for us as far back as when I was in Elementary school.  This is one of those easy recipes that starts with a can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup.  Starting with your soup as


A Paris Themed Valentine’s Dinner

My husband loves Paris, I mean he really LOVES Paris.  His dream is to live there for an entire summer someday.  This led me to this great idea for New Year’s Eve.  I know, we were talking about Valentine’s, but we got invited to that wonderful party for New Year’s Eve, so I