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The weather has been beautiful here in central Florida! I hope you are getting lovely weather wherever you are! When my daughter and her family were visiting for Easter we went to a new resort here for a couple of nights. Evermore Resort is a lovely vacation destination with homes, flats, villas and a Conrad Hilton hotel situated around a 7.8 acre crystal lagoon. This lagoon is basically a giant swimming pool. One of the many things I loved about it was the (free to use) lounging pods on the beaches around the lagoon. I loved it so much (and my husband says I never take time to just relax) that we bought one!

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It only took me about an hour after it was put together to settle in and enjoy my Sunday afternoon in what we have dubbed, The Pod! Maybe I never relaxed because I didn’t have such a wonderful spot to unwind in! You can see that Lily finds it a lovely place to relax, too! If you see one of these in your life, you can find it right here!

When I did get back to work I was busy styling my new bookshelves! Did you know you can buy a set of hardcover books that are all one solid color to decorate your shelves? You can read all about them in How to Style Bookshelves.

Before you head off on your summer travels, see what I did with my driftwood finds! You may want to keep your eyes open for some driftwood to make these for yourself!

If the weather if getting nice enough for you to dine outdoors, you might enjoy these 12 Inspiring Ideas for Outdoor Dining!

These outdoor lights were made from Dollar Tree bowls! How fun would it be to have these displayed all over your deck or patio?

What I am loving this week:

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When I was up in Ohio I had time to stroll through some shops and spotted these beautiful candle holders at Anthropologie! They come in two sizes! I can’t wait to see how these look on a bright white summer table!

Did you know you can buy books by color, to look pretty on your bookshelves? This collection of neutral books is from Etsy and you can shop by the number of books you want! If you liked the blue ones I shared earlier, they are a little more expensive and come from Pottery Barn in TEN different colors!

I don’t have a bench to sit down in within my shower, and I wanted a small garden stool to put my foot on for shaving my legs. This little garden stool is just 11 inches tall and fit the bill perfectly! I have also discovered that garden stools are the perfect little side tables here in Florida. No rusting in the humid climate and you can just hose them down if needed to clean them! I can’t recommend them enough!

Until next week….

Hugs to all of you! Thanks for reading this far! I hope you have a fabulous week!

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  1. The format is great! Your creative ideas, tips, and tricks inspire and make me smile. “Now why didn’t I think of that?”

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