10 Amazing New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

Christmas is behind us and New Year’s Eve will be upon us shortly.  Time to switch it up and get inspiration for your New Year’s Eve Celebration!  That is what today’s post is all about.  Click on the links in the captions of the pictures to get all the instructions and recipes to create your own amazing New Year’s Eve event!  Get ready for the countdown from 10!

10.  Add some sparkle to your Champagne bottles, it is easy to do and just makes it so more festive to pour from a glittery bottle!NYECOLLAGE

Source: Ideas Evite

9.  Try some Champagne Jello Shots!  What a great way to imbibe.  I love the way Erica dressed them up with these cute little glittery pom poms, too!

Champagne Jello Shots
Source: Erica’s Sweet Tooth

8.  Add some top hats for a formal touch.  Black plastic top hats make perfect serving dishes for snack mixes.  Use martini glasses for serving dips, nuts and candies!  Sprinkle some metallic confetti on your table tops and add in some metallic curling ribbon curlicues for fun and inexpensive decor.

Source: Caramel Potatoes

7.  Use some free printables for some New Year’s fun.  Can you see the framed print in the background?  I love it, Pop, Fizz, Clink, Celebrate!  Look how fabulous some simple wine bottles look when treated with some gold paint.  Every craft store sells these numbers, so glitter up some numbers and you have a centerpiece.

Source: No Biggie

6.  Silver and gold confetti in a big clear balloon make a big statement.  The fancy silver and gold ribbony tassel tied to the bottom is lovely, too.  I can picture several of these in a party space making a huge impact.  Some people like to use these and pop them at midnight, but I certainly wouldn’t want to have to clean up all that confetti!

Glitter Balloon
Source: A Complete Life

5.  Balloons are always a fun way to add fun to a party, and I love how these translucent pastel balloons have been used to suggest the bubbles coming from the Champagne.  This is a great way to add a little “pop” to your party.

Balloon Bubbles
Source: Honey and Fitz

4.  What is New Year’s Eve without a kiss?  I love this idea of using Hershey kisses as a little favor.  If you don’t have someone to kiss, at least you get a “kiss”!

Midnight Kisses
Source: Create Craft Love

3.  I think sparkle is the most important thing to make New Year’s Eve special.  Since I am not a fan of setting off fireworks inside the house, how about creating a wall that looks like this one?  This would make a great photo backdrop, or a great backdrop for your buffet table.  Jordan over at Oh Happy Day provides a step by step tutorial for you.

Sequin Backdrop
Source: Oh Happy Day

2.  Confetti just screams New Year’s Eve, doesn’t it?  If you want to go fun and colorful instead of metallic, just stick some big colorful dots on your walls.  I like the idea of using Post-it notes for this, easy to stick up and easy to take down with no mess or residue left on your walls.

Confetti Wall
Source: weebirdy

1.  We have counted it down and the last idea I have is like the falling Swarovski crystal ball in Times Square, it is these glittered shimmery paper lanterns.  Add these to your party for some extra pop!

Source: Chickabug






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  1. Excellent ideas, Chloe! The champagne Jell-O shots would be a lot of fun and something super different for the bar. The multi-size balloons on the wall is one of the cutest decor ideas ever, and I have pinned that one along with others.

    Have a safe and happy new year!

  2. My girl Chloe does like her glitter, LOL! (and who DOESN’T?) 🙂 Thanks for the clever ideas – I LOVE the glitter confetti inside the balloons. And popping them at midnight? I might have to make peace with finding “sparkly bits” on my floors for days/weeks/months into the New Year! A very Happy New Year to you and “Mr. Crabtree!”

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