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    21 Great Ideas for Graduation Parties

    The time of year is upon us, High School Graduations, College Graduations, even celebrations for those going from Middle School on to High School.  Many of these ideas are tried and true, but some may be new to you.  I hope these spark your imagination for your celebrations!  Read on for 21 great ideas for Graduation Parties! 

    1.  Spiffy invitations will always intrigue your guests.  (Yes, I used the word “spiffy”.)  I like this invitation because it incorporates something the graduate likes and sets a theme for the party.

    Star Wars Graduation Party InvitationInvitation and image from Remarkable Home

    2.  Why not add some themed postage to make your even special?

    Graduation PostageGraduation PostageImage and postage from Perfect Postage

    3.  Custom tee shirt for the graduate.  Are you having a casual get-together?  With a custom tee shirt everyone will know who the graduate is, and it will look great in photos, too.Custom Graduate tee shirt

    Shirt and image from Gifts For You Now

    4.  Use their future college as the theme for the party.  Use the college colors, logos, balloons, party ware and more!

    Ohio State University themed party

    Image from Corner of Plaid and Paisley

    5.  Graduation cap inspired food.

    Graduation Cap Treats

    Recipe and directions from The Seven Year Cottage

    6.  Use stacks of books tied with ribbons as centerpieces.  Cover the books and put appropriate titles on them, perhaps for the field of study the graduate is going into.  Tie them with ribbons in the graduate’s High School or College colors.Graduation Party Centerpiece

    Image from Design Come True

    7.  Design your party around “Key to your future” theme.

    Key to your future graduation cake

    Image and cake from Kapruka.

    8.  Owls are popular right now and owls are a symbol of intelligence.  How about incorporating owls as your party theme?

    Cute owl cookies

    9.  Diploma inspired sandwiches.

    Diploma Sandwiches

    Image from Party on purpose shop.

    10.  “Picture Your Future” themed party.  Photoshop the graduate into all kinds of job roles and situations, President, CEO, Fireman, Doctor, etc.

    Picture your future graduation partyImage:

    11.  More graduation cap treats!  This time, peanut butter cups and After Eight mints.

    Graduation cap treatsImage and instructions:  Taste of Home

    12.  Use the graduation year numbers as your theme.  Have a cake made out of the numbers, cookies in the numbers, feature a banner with the graduation year in large numbers.  Get giant cardboard numbers from your craft store and paint them in the high school or university colors, or decoupage photos of the graduate all over them.

    Graduation Party ideas

    Cut the year of graduation out of fruit using cookie cutters and skewer them to feature in lemonade.  This idea is by Debi Lilly, found at Right at Home.

    13.  Make graduate pretzel pops!

    Chocolate Graduation Pretzel Pops

    Instructions and image from:  Hungry Happenings

    14.  Chocolate covered ‘graduation’ strawberries.

    Chocolate covered strawberriesImage and instructions from:  Punchbowl

    15.  Gift the grad with a graduation lei!  This lucky young man got not just a flower lei, but also a candy lei (great for those middle schoolers), and best of all a dollar bill lei.  Leigh Anne at Homebased Parties tells you all about it!

    Graduation LeiImage from Your Homebased Parties

    16.  Make custom water bottle labels featuring your graduate.

    Custom water bottle labels for a graduation party.

    Check out Evermine for all the details.

    17.  Make or buy custom labels for Hershey Kisses for your party.  You can add photos of your graduate, their name or monogram, or just school colors and their graduation year.

    Hershey Kiss Graduation StickersImage:

    18.  For one last occasion feature the graduate’s high school colors.

    Graduation Party Tablescape IdeaImage:  Crissy’s Crafts

    19.  Keeping with those colors, how about tying up some candy sticks for favors to look like little tied up diplomas?

    Graduation candy sticks tied like diplomas.Image:  Party City

    20.  Have papers and pens available next to a large jar, labeled “Advice for the Graduate,”  let everyone write a message for them.

    Advice for the GraduateImage:  Beginning With Becca

    21.  One last theme I really like is using light bulbs, specifically light bulb containers.  Use them for centerpieces, decor and favors!  They are so great to add little tags to that say “your future looks bright.”  You can find the containers at Hobby Lobby for .99 each.

    Light bulb party favors

    Image:  Occasions online

    If you need ideas for your upcoming graduation party this collection should provide you with some ideas!  Have fun and CELEBRATE!

    Written By

    Chloe is the creator of Celebrate & Decorate. Chloe is passionate about having a comfortable and well designed home - she also loves to entertain family and friends. Learn more about Chloe. Follow Chloe: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube


    1. Great ideas Chloe….alas, for the first time in ages, I don’t have a grad. But who knows, I may use one of thee ideas for another type party. Thanks sweet friend.

      1. I don’t have a grad this year, but am heading out to a graduation party on Saturday!

      1. Thank you dear Edmee, it is always a joy to see you have stopped by and left a comment!

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