A Beach Party in the Hamptons

Part of my weekend in the Hamptons was an invitation to a beach party organized by our weekend hosts.  This was a low key way for folks to get together and begin to meet one another in a casual way.  We followed the directions our GPS gave us and ended up at a lovely beach, albeit one where huge chunks of concrete were hidden in the sand on the way through the dunes to the beach.  OUCH!  Yes, both hubby and I stubbed our toes on those.  We were kind of concerned since there were only two other cars parked there.  Arriving on the beach we saw no one.  Evidently there is both a K Road and a Road K in Hampton Bays.  Through-the-dunes-to-the-beachIt doesn’t look like there would be any nasty concrete chunks hidden in that sand, does it?  Alas, with guidance from a local, we learned that K Road is different from Road K, and they are less than a half a mile from each other.  We arrived at the party just as the pizza delivery did.  Yes, you can get pizza delivered to the beach in the Hamptons, pretty cool, right?  Beach-Party-In-The-HamptonsI don’t know about you, but this looked like a picture perfect place to spend a summer evening to me.  I just can’t wait to go back!  There were lots of shells and wave polished pebbles to gather and the walking through the sand was lovely, especially right along the surf line.  Beach-party-in-the-Hamptons2Coolers and beach chairs make good places to sit on the beach while dining on nachos and pizza.  The group in the distance was a different party, but they wrapped it up early while we just went on and on, conversing with all the newly made friends.Beach-party-s'moresThe fire had been set early in the evening so the coals were just perfect for gathering around and roasting a marshmallow or two, or three.  The coolest thing about this beach party was the warmest thing, this fire pit that was just perfect for roasting those marshmallows…S'mores-on-the-beach

…and what do you do with toasted marshmallows?  Make s’mores, of course!  I was introduced to something new that I will by trying and sharing here on the blog, take the chocolate bars, and marshmallows and bananas and wrap them in foil and put them down in the fire.  When you open up the foil packet, yum!  Dip your graham crackers into that deliciousness.  Beach-party-at-sunsetThe sun began to set and all of us gathered around the fire and continued to celebrate this wonderful couple and their 20th Anniversary celebration with a casual beach party atmosphere.   Sunset-in-the-HamptonsThe sun may have disappeared over the dunes, but the memories we made at this wonderful beach party in the Hamptons will not fade away.  A beach party was the perfect beginning to this magical weekend.  I hope you are so blessed to get to spend an evening like this on a beach someday.

I’ll be sharing this at the following link parties:

Lou Lou Girls Fabulous Party


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  1. Chloe,
    Other than a miscommunication with the GPS and a banged toe. . .
    this appears to be the “perfect’ type of celebration. . .laid back and easy!!!
    The photos are gorgeous!!!
    I’ll share your S’Mores tip with my daughter~in~law,
    as this is one of her favorite things to do for family gatherings!!!
    Thank you for sharing your start to a lovely weekend!!!

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