A Pirate Party!

I had an opportunity to throw a great Pirate-themed party several years ago.  It was a surprise 40th birthday party.  I took a painting tarp from a home improvement store, painted the Happy 40th Birthday message on it, and rolled it up, tied it with twine, and rigged it up on crossed bamboo poles.  When the guest of honor arrived, we pulled the twine, and the pirate “sail” unrolled and surprised the birthday boy!
You want to have a Pirate party?  Remember to start with a really great, themed invitation….

Create a great invitation like this!
Roll up those invitations and put them in a bottle!

Set the scene…I used black foam core and coffee cans painted black to fashion cannons, trimmed with rope to meet the pirates as they arrived!  Or try a ‘walk the plank’ type of entry.
Decoration sets the scene!

Keep the theme going with the decor!

Wood crates and rope add to your theme!
This is a beautiful tablescape!
Give your guests a hat and sword or eye-patch!
A Pirate Candy Bar!
Broom handles or bamboo poles to hang sails.


This cake is a work of art!
Adorable cake.

One of the best themed pirate parties I have seen is featured at greenweddingplannerblog.  Here are just a few images, check it out!

Don’t forget to theme your food like this.
Another pirate cake!
What a lovely Pirate-themed buffet!

Keep your theme in mind!  For food, use chicken drumsticks and pull the meat up over the bone, leaving it exposed.  Grill them or marinate and use jerk or barbecue seasoning.  Don’t forget goldfish crackers!   Try macaroni and cheese with fun pasta shapes!  The Pasta Shop has lobster, crab and palm tree shaped pastas!  Rename your food with fun pirate-themed names:

  • Meatballs are cannon balls
  • Chicken nuggets, pirate gold
  • Drumsticks – parrots’ legs
  • Strawberries, raspberries and red grapes are rubies
  • A chest of clementines to fight scurvy
  • Mini hotdogs in pastry become pirate fingers
  • Homemade breadsticks are swords to dip in ‘blood’ spaghetti sauce

Use your imagination with whatever food you have planned!

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