A Rustic Christmas Tablescape

I love all of these images of the little red trucks with the Christmas trees in the back of them.  I don’t know where or when these became a symbol of the holidays, but in my recent shopping, I happened upon the cutest little home decor items featuring the red trucks that I knew I had to pick up a few of them.  You can see a lot of the inspiration I found on this post about Red Trucks and trees a couple of weeks ago.  

A Rustic Christmas TablescapeMy antique wooden drop leaf table seemed like the perfect spot to set a rustic table featuring trucks and Woodies all ready to deliver their Christmas trees.  I added natural burlap placemats to anchor my place settings.

Christmas dessert plates featuring red trucks with Christmas treesThese were the plates that started it all.  How could I resist these cute little dessert plates.  I can use these for little bites when having friends in for cocktails, or use them as bread plates for a casual Christmas dinner.   I shot this photo so you could see each of the different trucks.

Cute little Woody with a tree on topThis was actually the last thing I found.  You never know what you are going to find at Target, do you?  At $19.99 this pillow with the appliqued car was a bargain and will be tucked onto one of my sofas next year [when I finally have sofas]! Doesn’t it look just like the one in my centerpiece?

A Happy Holiday scene turns into a centerpieceThis little woodie is plowing through the snow amongst the snow covered trees with a tree and presents tucked on top.  To me, I could just imagine the family tucked warmly inside singing, “…over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go…”.  The galvanized tray was the perfect way to keep the snow corralled and under control.  I love this fine artificial snow, but I really don’t love when it gets all over the house.  I was all ready to check out at Home Goods after I found those little dessert plates, and thankfully my sister mentioned that maybe we should take a spin through the Christmas section just to see if they had a little red truck with a Christmas tree.  Thanks to Dory, she spotted this guy tucked in the back on a crowded shelf.

Plaid chargers for a rustic Christmas TableThe minute I spotted these plaid chargers at Michael’s  I knew I had to have these for Christmas tablescapes.  They are on sale now at only $2.70 each, I am going to pick up a few more.  The flatware was a recent purchase from IKEA which I also used for my Fall pheasant tablescape.  I am planning to pick up some more of this IKEA Wood Cabin Lodge flatware too.

Rustic Christmas Tablescape 2A red cloth napkin was folded and tucked under the edge of the charger and topped with a tiny bristle brush tree.  Green dinner plates I have had longer than I can remember were the perfect beginning of my plate stack.

Red and Green plates for a Rustic Christmas TablescapeOf course what goes with plaid and green for Christmas?  Red!  Red salad plates are added to the stack to prepare it for those fun little truck plates.  The ruby goblets are something I have had for about twenty years.

A Rustic Christmas Tablescape with red trucks with trees.Here is my place setting all ready for guests to arrive and to celebrate the season.  Would you enjoy celebrating at this table?  I think this would be perfect for a Christmas morning breakfast.

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  1. you have shown some real versatility here with your table settings…really traditional is always the most flexible, and nothing is more traditional than plaid. Thanks, Sandi

  2. Love this Chloe! Where did you find those plates? They are a little different from the ones you shared in your red truck post. I love the chargers with them! You must have a lot of storage space to store all of your beautiful dishes. I have some red goblets as well that are a hammered glass which are probably 20 years old as well 🙂 I think they were from Marshall’s HomeGoods.

  3. Oh, Chloe, you’re so right that this table would be perfect for a Christmas breakfast! As you added each element, the table just got better and better. I love the little tree poised on the napkin. I ordered those plaid chargers from Michael’s and they will be on my table Christmas Day. You have showcased those dessert plates perfectly. Honestly, your whole table made me smile! I’m sure that’s just how your guests will feel! Happy Holidays! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  4. Chloe, LOVE the table. I absolutely haunt my local HomeGoods stores and have not seen the red trucks and Christmas tree plates. Who is the mfg? Those are ADORABLE. And you can never have too many dishes:)

    1. Frances, I am currently out of state for Thanksgiving and can’t tell you. I will see if my Mom can check them for me! I have seen them at two different Home Goods in Florida. My husband would say that you CAN have too many dishes, and I do!

      1. Thanks!!! I am in TX and I know all the HomeGoods have different stuff. Just try tracking down plate #6 when you have 5. Let me know if you find out. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  5. I really regret not picking up those chargers when I seen them on sale at Michael’s. What was I thinking? This table is adorable and every time I see a red truck with a Christmas tree I think of you. Love all of your beautiful ideas and creativity Chloe, you are truly an inspiration!

    1. Sandra, that is so funny, because I put them in my cart, took them out of my cart and put them back in because I knew I had so many chargers at home, but I am really glad I picked them up! You are too sweet! Thank you!

  6. Love the theme of this tablescape! You’ve come up with some lovely pieces to pull it altogether. The centerpiece is perfect and the plaid chargers add such charm. As you said, it’d be wonderful to sit there for a Christmas breakfast.

  7. Chloe,
    I absolutely love this tablescape! Especially the woodie in the snow. Thank you so much for sharing this on the Sunday Blog Hop. I hope we see you again. You are so talented!

    1. Thank you Jenn. I love using that fake snow at Christmas time, unfortunately my husband really doesn’t like it, but the nice thing about this centerpiece is that it keeps the “snow” in the controlled area of the tras.

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