Valentines Day Strawberry Dessert

A Valentine Dessert Made With Love

I really wanted to make a sweet little dessert that I can serve after dinner on Valentine’s Day this year. I thought up this little treat.  It isn’t too much, but is made with heart.

A Valentine's Treat #celebrateanddecorate

 To create these little heart-shaped treats, I simply took a Sarah Lee frozen pound cake, thawed it, and cut 4 thin slices.  I used a very small cookie cutter to cut a heart shape out of each slice.  I spread a very thin layer of strawberry preserves on each of three of the little cake hearts, and stacked them one on top of the other.  I pinned them together with a wood skewer and stuck a heart-shaped Valentine’s Junior Mint on top of the skewer.  I added a small dollop of strawberry preserves next to my little cake-heart stack and added a strawberry.  These were so easy to make, and I think they look like they were made with love!

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