…and the waiting game begins

I have been here before and I can tell you I don’t like it.  I am waiting.  Every single day I wake up not knowing if today will be the day.  Will I have to wait again another day?  Another week?  Another month?  Will it never come?  Our home is officially on the market.  Strangers are coming in and looking at it.  They are criticizing it.  Ouch.  That does kind of hurt, doesn’t it?  I know I will need the feedback just in case I need to change anything.  Looking around with a critical eye I don’t know what I could possibly do.  Even though we had the place painted last week, someone may not like the very neutral color.  Someone might prefer the bathroom tiles to be brown rather than white.  I could go on and on.

Swan-table The glass tables are cleaned every morning, after all, someone may want to see my home today.  What I am living through now is a daily low level of stress.  I don’t need additional stress in my life, after all, who does?  This is what it takes to sell your home, this is the process you must go through.


I have staged my home as nicely as I can without putting pictures back on the walls after the place has been painted.  I dream of the home I will move to.  I plan how my furniture will be arranged there.  I imagine the holidays shared with extended family in that dream house.  For now, I wait.


I get up each morning and make the bed and run the vacuum cleaner, wipe down the counters and dust the furniture.  I make sure the pantry is still tidy, and I wait.

Folded-towels The towels are folded with a lovely bar of soap.  No one better use these towels, they are just for show…for now…because we wait.  Will there be a showing today?  Will they fall in love with my home?  Will it be the right one for them?


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