Black Ornaments?

What to do with Black Ornaments?

What to do with black ornaments

What would you do with black Christmas ornaments?  If you are a Pittsburg Steelers fan you could make a team-themed decoration.  You could use them to make Mickey Mouse ornaments, like these.  I chose to do something very different, and honestly, a little more elegant than either of one of the former suggestions.  MAKE A CHRISTMAS SWAGI began this project with a piece of white styrofoam.  It doesn’t matter if the size is exactly the same as this, just approximately this size will do fine!

Make a Christmas swag!I used two 21 weight paper wrapped floral wires and two white pipe cleaners.  I fed the wires through the styrofoam block about one third of the way from the top of the block.  I folded the pipe cleaner into a rough “M” shape.  This will keep the wire from cutting through the foam.  On the back of the block, do the same thing and then twist the ends of the wire into a circle so you can hang your finished project on a hook.  Make a Christmas swag!Take artificial greens and stick them into the styrofoam block all around the edge of the block to begin to make a Christmas swag for your door!  Make a Christmas swag!You can see in the photo above how I stuck the faux greenery into the block.  Some of the greens with stiff stems could be stuck right into the foam, those with weaker stems I used my steel pick machine to add the steel picks to get the greenery secure in the block.Make a Christmas swag!Next I took three large white poinsettia blossoms and added those to my block of foam.Make a Christmas swag!My next step was to add a black and white bow.  This one is a festive harlequin pattern wired ribbon.  Make a Christmas swag!I added three little silver and white package ornaments I found at my local At Home store.  Spread out the packages from top to bottom.  I attached them by sticking a wooden skewer into the bottom of the little styrofoam packages and stuck the other end into the styrofoam block base.Make a Christmas swag!I saved these pretty faux icy looking evergreens to top dress my swag.  I didn’t want them to be too hidden behind other elements of the swag.Make a Christmas swag!You can see how I have added these beneath the blossoms, but in front of the other greens.  Make a Christmas swag!Time to add those black ornaments!  I threaded two onto a black pipe cleaner, bent the pipe cleaner in two and then added a steel pick to the pipe cleaner end.  Next I will add them all around my swag, two at a time!

Make a Christmas swag!Those glittered black Christmas ornaments make all the difference!!

Make a Christmas swag!I added some additional loops and tails of ribbon to complete the look of my holiday swag.  I daresay this is something you could leave up all winter!  If you have a brightly colored door, this will really pop on it!

Make a Christmas swag!

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  1. Lovely swag! Always a great job Chloe and the tutorial pictures and video are very helpful. Happy holidays and look forward to your next creation.

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