Celebrations – Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in the United States is celebrated on the second Sunday in May.  Children often want to do something special for their Mom for Mother’s Day, but something they can do primarily by themselves.  Here is  perfect breakfast that children can put together for Mom without too much help from an adult.  I used a pastel plaid tablecloth I purchased inexpensively from Bed, Bath and Beyond, and added M-O-M letters and a little china bird.

Begin with a trip to the grocery store.  Children can pick out a special cupcake they think Mom would love.  Blueberry pastries and home-dipped chocolate-covered strawberries look and taste delicious.  I used these great footed, cupcake stands to display these and made them look extra special.  The display dishes were purchased for a great price at my local Home Goods.

Store-bought muffins and little cinnamon rolls are displayed on tiered cake plates we trimmed out with pink ribbons for Mother’s Day.  The cake plates make these purchased pastries look extra special!

A favorite teapot was filled with pink alstromeria lilies, no special talent was needed to arrange them, a treasured glass dome that it topped with a silver bird was filled with extra strawberries and topped with a plate, then gently turned over.  The dome full of strawberries makes a lovely centerpiece all by its self.  A party beverage dispenser was filled with orange juice so everyone could partake, however, I would love to see it filled with Mimosas.  I chose champagne glasses over juice glasses to set the table, to make it a more festive tablescape.

Mother's Day Waffles

Breakfast is finished off with strawberry waffles topped with whipped cream!  What Mother wouldn’t want to wake up to this surprise on Mother’s Day?  Maybe you can show this to your children and it may inspire them!

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