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Chloe at Home ~ A new home

The new condominium has been purchased.  This does not, however mean I have moved in yet.  This is going to be a wonderful place to design and decorate.  I have hired the most wonderful designers from duoHome to transform my space from frumpy to fabulous!Before picture of condominium

This is the view from the living area looking toward the kitchen.

Before picture of kitchen

One wall of the galley kitchen.  I don’t know what part of this I like the least.  I assure you, it is going to look very different!

 Mid-century modern bathroom

This is the second bathroom, all of this is going!

Remodel a bathroom

Not so lovely tub/shower in the master bathroom.

Cleveland City and lake view

 But the view is already fabulous!

I promise to post updates as the construction and remodeling comes along!  I am looking forward to sharing all of the changes with you!

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Chloe is the creator of Celebrate & Decorate. Chloe is passionate about having a comfortable and well designed home - she also loves to entertain family and friends. Learn more about Chloe. Follow Chloe: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube

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  1. Looking forward to watching the transformatuion here, along with the rest of the blogosphere! Hooray!

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