Modern kitchen sink with two bowls and a draining tray

Chloe at Home ~ finding a kitchen sink

On I go with the search for all the right products for my new home, this time, I am searching for something different in a kitchen sink.  There are some fantastic stainless steel kitchen sinks here, however, stainless is not my first choice in a sink.  Stainless steel sinks always seems to scratch and look used.  I would like a sink that looks like new anytime it is cleaned.

Modern kitchen sink with two bowls and a draining tray

This gorgeous sink was featured on The Appliance Judge.  You can check them out for all of their appliance and home product reviews!

Contemporary brown ceramic kitchen sink with two bowls and contemporary faucet

I like these sinks, they are sleek and angular, which is appealing to me.

modern bar sink or kitchen sink

 These meandering sinks have been around for a few years.  This is not really practical for a kitchen sink, and I don’t really have the space for a separate bar sink, but if you do, they are can be fun.

Modern take on a farmhouse sink

Contemporary stainless steel kitchen sink

Modern stainless steel kitchen sink with a stainless drainboard with integrated drain.

Gray contemporary kitchen sink

 This deep double bowl sink is certainly practical and has a clean-lined design to it.

I am going to have to decide on which material I want to go with in a sink.  I have had stainless steel sinks, and although there are some beautiful options in modern stainless steel sinks, I do not think I would be happy with a stainless steel sink over time.  I currently have a granite composite sink, which I purchased because of the great reviews of the product.  Granite composite sinks are scratch, stain and heat resistant.  They are supposedly easy to clean, however, in practicality and daily life I don’t find it easy to keep clean.  This will most likely leave me with enameled cast iron, which are available in many colors and shapes, yet, perhaps not as many contemporary shapes and styles as some other materials.

Modern kitchen sink by kohler in enameled cast iron with pale blue color and modern faucet

 This could be the sink, however, not in this color, and not necessarily this faucet.  I am mulling this over.  This is a Kohler enameled cast iron sink.

Modern kitchen sink by Phillipe Starck for Duravit

This, also, could be the sink.  Notice the overflow.  There are cutting boards and colanders that fit on the flat drain board for convenience.

Modern Duravit white ceramic kitchen sink.

Another Duravit kitchen sink! How will I ever decide?

Duravit modern kitchen sink

Just when I thought I was down to a couple!  Here is one more by Duravit.

As I move ahead with renovation of my new condominium, you will have a front row seat to which sink I choose and pictures of my finished kitchen!  If you were designing a contemporary kitchen which one of these sinks would you choose?  I want to especially indulge myself with some of the sink accessories, such as cutting boards and colanders.

~ Chloe

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