Chloe’s Celebrations ~ Skeleton Halloween Treats

Everyone enjoys some special Halloween treats, be it your friends, family, the neighborhood kids after school.  These little skeleton treats are easy and fun to make, even for older kids.

Halloween Skeleton Treats

 I used white mini pretzel knots that were already coated with white candy coating.  You can find these on Amazon and get these delivered right to your front door by checking out these Weaver white chocolate covered pretzels.  I used a little bit of white candy white melts to stick the pretzels together.  After you have your pretzel ‘ribs’ ‘glued’ together with the candy melts, it is time to add you ghostly or skeleton-like head to the top.  Have you tried using these edible markers?  I used edible marker to add the faces to the skeletons and arranged them on a dish of Halloween candies.  These are especially popular when their are lots of sweets around since the pretzels offer a little crunch and salt.  Have the kids join you in making the faces with the edible markers and they will have a ball!  Happy Halloween!

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