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Chloe’s Crafts ~ No-Carve Pumpkins for Halloween I

No-Carve pumpkin decor for Halloween is a great alternative, because you can decorate your real pumpkin now and have it through the holiday without it shriveling or rotting like a carved pumpkin.  You can also use one of the artificial pumpkins, decorate it now and enjoy it this year, and for future Halloweens.

A Royal Halloween Pumpkin

 Wandering through JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts, I noticed  this gold crown Christmas tree topper.  I knew I had to use this on a pumpkin.  I used a set of metallic Sharpies, one silver, one gold and one copper to free-hand draw on the pumpkin.  I drew swirls, hears, diamonds and tiny dots.  This is a great project for children, letting them personalize their pumpkin with their own designs.  I like the idea of adding a topper like the crown.

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