A Road Trip to Charleston

A Road Trip to Charleston

Recently I drove from Florida to Ohio.  I was going to be near Charleston, South Carolina, and really wanted to head over to the coast to spend some time in the city again.  Alas, I just didn’t feel I had the time and passed it up this time.  I know it won’t be long until I visit again.  

Charles Sullivan with Carriage Properties Llc

I love a single house with it’s double or even triple balconies.  There are a lot of homes in Celebration, where I live that are built in the single house style. 

Hudson Phillips Properties Charleston Llc
Charles Sullivan with Carriage Properties Llc

Wouldn’t you love to have the homes throw open the gates like this and invite you in?  

You would be able to view the wonderful gardens, like this one.  

Charles Sullivan with Carriage Properties Llc

Of course, one of the fun things about real estate listings is that they give you a peek into those homes and gardens.   You could actually tour some of the homes and gardens with the The Preservation Society of Charleston.  They offer tours twice a year.  

Actual working shutters are found throughout the historic district and get put to good use when hurricanes threaten.  

Hudson Phillips Properties Charleston Llc

Check out the pool and pool house found inside one of the hidden courtyards!

Charleston historic home with a curbed double entrance

So many beautiful staircases and entry ways can be seen just walking along the streets of The Battery.  

Fountain nestled in a quiet courtyard in Charleston

Tucked between these two historic houses is a lush garden and elegant fountain.

Arched door entry


  I hope you get a chance to visit Charleston and take in some of its wonderful sights sometime soon. 

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  1. I have visited Charleston several times – it’s a magical city. The architecture there is fantastic (as chronicled by your photos) and the “Southern” way of life – slow, relaxed and gracious – is very enjoyable. My only negative remembrance of Charleston was during a visit one Memorial Day weekend, when the “heat and humidity index” registered at 112 degrees! FYI, Savannah is another “must-see” city, similar to Charleston. Maybe that should be Chloe’s next destination?

    1. I will admit to enjoying sightseeing when it is not nearly so hot, and was able to do that. I, too, found it very enjoyable, and look forward to spending some more time there. I plan to spend some time in Savannah this fall, but thans for the tip!


  2. I had a quick trip to Charleston once. Such intrigue and you want to visit every garden. Surely, a place to visit more than once. They had osmanthus or tea olive trees that must be hundreds of years old. Mine is still a bush. They smell like tea. You can buy them in FL.

    1. I will have to look into those. I do love a visit to Charleston! I know they have a garden tour available in March during The Charleston Festival every year! I will have to think about doing one of those!

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