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Chloe’s Inspiration ~ Another Wonderland Party ~ Part I

A dear reader of this blog saw the Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower I hosted last year and used it for inspiration for her own event!  I was so flattered, and she did a wonderful job.  I wanted to share some of her wonderful pictures!  All of the credit goes to Chelsea Wallace.  Thank you Chelsea for sharing!!  That being said, she Chelsea shared so many wonderful pictures that this post will be divided into several parts to bring you all of her great ideas!

What a wonderful welcome to Wonderland!

The White Rabbit says, “Don’t be late to this Wonderland Baby Shower”!

Quotations from Alice in Wonderland decorated the space.

I am also a big fan of decorating your water bottles, it is a small buy easy way to carry through your theme.

Pin the Grin on the Cheshire Cat made for a fun and well-themed activity.

What a lovely vignette on this entry table to greet the guests!

I hope Chelsea’s photos inspire you with your Alice in Wonderland party ideas.  I have lots more to share in the next week or so!  Please share your favorite party pictures!  I would love to share them here on Celebrate and Decorate.

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