Campaign bed draped in lovely fabric

Chloe’s Inspiration ~ Campaign Beds

I am missing my lovely bed which is currently in storage, awaiting the day when we upsize from our condominium in Florida and move into a house.  I thought this blog post would be a lovely way to revisit the look of my campaign bed.

Metal campaign canopy bed from Restoration Hardware

Campaign furniture was that which was designed for travel, specifically for the military.  Campaign furniture was designed in such a way that it could be disassembled and re-assembled as needed for travel from one military campaign to another.  A fine campaign bed such as the one above would be modeled after would have most certainly have been designed for a military officer, so that he could travel with all the comforts of home.  There is a romance to campaign furniture, however much of the actual campaign furniture would not have been nearly as luxurious, but in truth, much more basic.

Metal canopy campaign bed

Metal canopy bed which is also a campaign bed, true to the design of the original

 Campaign bed draped in lovely fabric

Campaign bed with metal canopy frame, soft pastel

I hope you have enjoyed these lovely campaign beds.  I look forward to having my bed to climb into every night!

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