Chloe’s Inspiration ~ Conservatories

I have recently been inspired by the idea of a conservatory.  You know that room that was featured on the Clue game board.  I think it would be dreamy to sit in a conservatory and enjoy all the greenery when the snow is blowing around outdoors, or running to escape into the conservatory when a sudden rainstorm hits, as in The Sound of Music during the song Sixteen going on Seventeen.  Today, I will share some lovely conservatories.

This is truly a fantasy design of a conservatory!  I love this!  Constructed by Oak Leaf Conservatories.


This is the lovely conservatory at the Horniman Museum in London.  Source:

Conservatories are not always just white and glass as evidenced by this structure built by Tanglewood Conservatories.

It would be lovely to spend a day in this charming conservatory by Town and Country.  This is what I imagine as a traditional conservatory.

Wow!  That sums up this conservatory by Oak Leaf Conservatories.


 This lovely poolside retreat was made by Tanglewood Conservatories.

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  1. Do you build these conservatories? Can I order one and what is the price for one around 12 X16 feet. Thank you

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