Chloe’s Inspiration ~ Favorite Halloween Ideas

With just a weekend left to finish off any of your Halloween decor and costume ideas, I wanted to bring you a few of my favorite Halloween ideas.  Have fun and enjoy the holiday!

Glam Skull Decoration

I came across this bedazzled skull on Pinterest.  I don’t know who created this, it was uploaded from brilliant b-e-t-h-a-n-y tumbler account.  I don’t know if she created it, but if she did, Bethany is certainly brilliant!  I think I will have to try something like this next year.  This would also make a great decoration for a Pirate-themed party.

Crows on gate for Halloween DecorationI love this look from Better Homes and Gardens!  Unfortunately I don’t have a wrought iron fence and gate.  I bet this looks very spooky went illuminated for nighttime.

Spooky Halloween Ghostly Display

I love this glass dome that suggests a ghost is inhabiting it.  This was a favorite Pinterest find of mine this October.  The link goes to: http://tasselsandtwigs.blogspot.com/2011_07_01_archive.html

Spooky ghost at the top of the stairs.

I couldn’t find who to credit for this picture, which I imagine is just a person standing at the top of the stairs.  My idea would be to use a dress makers mannequin, add legs and cloak the figure in dark grey fabric and then drape with tulle or cheesecloth.  Place this at the top of your stairs to keep people downstairs at your party and add a really spooky decoration.

Scary head under glass.

I discovered this on the internet a couple of years ago, from bleuacide the blog.  I have been searching for the perfect china doll face ever since then!

Spooky Staircase decor for HalloweenI love this idea which was featured on Party City’s website for also keeping guests from going upstairs during your Halloween party and adding to the decor at the same time.  They used black cats chasing the rats down the stairs, but it would be fun to do with big black spiders and fake spider webs, also.

I hope you enjoy these ideas and enjoy Halloween to the fullest!  I would love to see your favorite Halloween ideas!  Please stop by and share them at Celebrate it Sunday!

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