Chloe’s Inspiration ~ Fun food for kids (and grownups too)!

I have gotten into preparing bento boxes for lunches on our boat in the summer.  It is so much easier when we are having a great sail to just grab the boxes, already prepared and distribute a box to each person on board.  Looking for bento box ideas has led me to so many cute ideas for food presentation for kids.  These foods are great for serving up at kid’s parties.  I hope they inspire you!

This adorable owl sandwich and tree would be great at an owl-themed party.  This idea comes from Meet the Dubiens.

Throwing a mermaid party?  Let each guest create their own mermaid snack with healthy offerings of string cheese, bananas, raisins, craisins, apricots, carrot slices, or whatever else you can think of.  This one came from MX Training.

In my opinion, the very best place to find fun and creative foods on the web is Cute Foods for Kids.  Check out her website or find her on Facebook or Pinterest for hundreds of ideas.

How about a cute little banana boat with a cheese sail?

A croissant crab!

A twice baked potato boat.

A turkey cupcake for Thanksgiving, perhaps?

Get out there and get creative with your food and food presentation ideas!

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