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    Chloe’s Inspiration ~ Glamorous Interiors

    glam·or·ous   [glam-er-uhs]

    1.  full of glamour; charmingly or fascinatingly attractive, especially in a mysterious or magical way.
    2.  full of excitement, adventure, and unusual activity: the glamorous job of a foreign correspondent.

    Glamourous Dining room in pale pink and black with black chandelier

    Pink and Black Glamour Dining Room with Upholstered Ceiling

    After coming across and featuring all of the Hollywood glamour shots, I became motivated to research what exactly a glamorous interior is.  It seems that everyone has their own interpretation of what a glamorous interior would be.  Therefore, what you see here today is what my interpretation of glamorous interior design would be.  Enjoy!

    Glamourous closet with pouf and french poodle and chandelier

    If you have a pouf, a poodle and a crystal chandelier in your closet, I think it qualifies as glamorous.

    Glamourous dining room with wallpapered ceiling and crystal chandelier

    The Glamourous Interiors Blogspot featured this dining room, which I agree, is quite glamorous!

     Gold pour and floor lamp

    Gold pouf and a gold floor lamp would certainly turn up the glamour factor in an interior.

     Hot pink bed in a glamourous interior

     A hot pink bed frame and zebra rug create the glamour in this bedroom.

     Ultimate glamour bathroom with over the top decor

     Wow!  Now this is a glamorous bathroom!

    Glamourous bedroom with upholstered walls and victorian lamps

     glamorous bedroom with upholstered wall.

    Hot pink and gold interior

    Hot pink and gold

    Animal print and corbusier chaise

    Animal Print

    My tips for creating a glamorous space would be to include mirrors and other reflective surfaces, silver and/or gold, bright colors and/or animal prints.  You may want to create a little glamour in your life!



    Pink and Black Dining Room:

    glamorous closet:

    glamorous Dining Room:

    Gold pouf:

    Hot pink bed:

    Glamour bath:

    glamorous bedroom:

    Hot pink and gold:

    Animal Print:

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