Red an black Halloween Candy buffet

Chloe’s Inspiration ~ Halloween Candy Buffet

Candy buffets are fun anytime you have a group of people getting together for a celebration.  Halloween should certainly be no exception!  So many of us want to keep our children safe by celebrating Halloween at home, what a fun way for parents to pass out candy; by all contributing to a Halloween candy buffet!  Coordinate the colors with your Halloween decor, or just let friends and family bring what they want, while you provide the containers, and set up a buffet for your get-together.

Black and white candy buffet for a formal event or a Halloween party

A simple black and white candy buffet for a Halloween party.

 Orange and black candy buffet, orange and black, black and orange, orange and white, candy buffet, candy bar

 Orange, black and white candy buffet for Halloween.

 Homemade candy buffet, homemade candy, candy buffet,

 Homemade Halloween candy buffet.

Pink and black candy buffet for a glam Halloween Party

Pink and black candies for a glamorous Halloween candy buffet.

Fun Halloween candy buffetGreen and black Halloween candy display

 purple, black, yellow and white candy buffet

Black, yellow, purple and white for a Halloween candy buffet.

 fall themed halloween candy buffet, fall theme candy buffet, fall themed candy bar, Thanksgiving candy buffet

 Fall themed Halloween candy buffet

Pink and black glam Halloween candy buffet

Glam pink and black Halloween candy buffet.

 Red an black Halloween Candy buffet

This candy buffet has a theatrical bent to it, however, this could easily be constructed as a Vampire-inspired Halloween candy buffet.


Black and White Candy Buffet:

Orange, black and white candy buffet:

Homemade Halloween Candy buffet:

Green and black candy buffet:

Black, yellow, purple and white candy buffet:—hot-wedding-trend_36.html

Fall themed candy buffet:

Glam pink and black candy buffet:

Red and black candy buffet:

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