Chloe’s Inspiration ~ Halloween Outdoor Decorations in Celebration, Florida

In my community of Celebration, Florida a lot of families go all out with their Halloween decorations.  I drove around this evening and captured the following images and video.  I hope you enjoy these  pictures and get some inspiration for your Halloween decor.

Haunted Pirate ship created on the front of a home in Celebration, Florida for Halloween is visited by the community.

This haunted pirate ship is created on the front of this home in Celebration, Florida each and every Halloween.

A skeleton pirate tries to escape the dungeon of the haunted pirate ship for Halloween.

 A skeleton pirate tries to escape the dungeon of the haunted pirate ship in this incredible Halloween outdoor display.

A skeleton Pirate warns of wary trick or treaters

A pirate skeleton warns off wary Trick or Treaters.

Skeleton pirates are everywhere.

Mummy scarecrows for Halloween Decorations

 On a street of Town Homes in Celebration, neighbors have created a collection of scarecrows representing themselves for Halloween.

Halloween Scarecrows

 The spooky scarecrows dance below glowing lanterns.

 This house is wonderfully decorated for Halloween.  I really like the lights on the round bushes that create the illusion of giant Jack O’Lanterns.  Check out the spooky decals on the windows!

Check out the fun video of this house for Halloween

Check out the following video of this house with the fantastic light and music display for Halloween!

Take a drive around your community and see how creative your friends and neighbors have been for Halloween.

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    1. I don’t know how these folks did that, but I am thinking they cut out some plastic shapes, maybe from gallon milk cartons and put lights behind them. They live down the street, I will have to stop by this Halloween during the day and take a closer look, or ask them!


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