Bedroom Map Wallpaper Mural

Chloe’s Inspiration ~ Map Wallpaper Murals

Looking to fill a blank wall and make a statement while doing so? Check out these great examples of map wall murals installed as wallpaper that the kind folks over at sent me.  They have more than just maps murals and you can even upload your own images if you want to make a wall truly unique and yours. - Map Wallpaper Mural - Dining Room Map Wall Mural - Map Wallpaper Mural - Reading Nook Map Wall Mural - Map Wallpaper Mural - Kitchen Map Wall Mural - Map Wallpaper Mural - Map Bedroom Wall Mural

The following images are examples of wall treatments I found on Pinterest showing great examples of map wall murals. While they aren’t murals these images show what great statements a wall mural can make – from adding a small mural under a breakfast bar to having it the centerpiece of a beautiful and modern bedroom.

Kitchen Island Map Wallpaper Mural

<Source: Unknown>
Bedroom Map Wallpaper Mural

Source:  London Painting Group

While I have never installed a wall mural and any of my homes, I would definitely consider it to make a modern statement. What do you think – do you like the idea of a wall mural? Let me know in the comments!

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