Sugared Fruit Centerpieces

Sugared Fruit Centerpieces


Sugared fruit is beautiful for the holidays.  You can easily create a sugared fruit centerpiece which can be personalized for your own decor.

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This fruit looks so beautiful and special for any special occasion.

Source:  Better Homes and Gardens

Display your fruit on any special dish, such as this one above, or on a pedestal cake plate, or perhaps tuck them under a glass dome.

Source:  Square Pennies Blogspot

Many recipes for creating sugared fruit call for egg whites.  If you would like to make sure your sugared fruit is safe to eat, I prefer the following recipe.

4 Teaspoons warm water
2 Teaspoons marshmallow cream
1 Cup sugar

Wash and dry all the fruits you plan to use.  Spread out sheets of wax or parchment paper for your fruit to dry on.

Mix the water and marshmallow cream throughly in a small bowl.  Using a paintbrush, brush a generous amount of the marshmallow cream mixture on a piece of fruit and then holding it over the bowl of sugar, spoon the sugar over the fruit.  You can use a wooden skewer to hold the fruits if that makes it easier for you.  Place the fruit gently on the paper to dry.  Allow your fruit to dry overnight before moving into your centerpiece, or using it to decorate a cake.

Source:  Love and Lavender

You can even use all one kind of fruit for an easy and especially elegant look.

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