Chloe’s Tips ~ Creating a Thanksgiving Tradition I

Choose something special to use every year at your Thanksgiving table.  This could be a tablecloth, a ceramic turkey filled with fresh flowers, or in my case, it is a pair of turkey salt and pepper shakers.  I spotted these in a store a few years ago, and they looked just like the ones I remember on my Thanksgiving table as a child.  My husband bought them for me, and they have become a part of my Thanksgiving table each and every year.

These simple Thanksgiving Turkey salt and pepper shakers are a party of my holiday table each and every year.

Thanksgiving Turkey plate or platter for serving


You may have a Thanksgiving turkey platter like this, which is party of your holiday celebration.  I am thinking about purchasing one of these and using it to create a new tradition for my table setting along with my salt and pepper shakers.

There are so many other traditions that people incorporate into their Thanksgiving celebrations, I will share a number of them in the weeks leading up to the holiday.  I would love to share your traditions, too, let me know your favorite Thanksgiving traditions!






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