Dinner Party table setting

Chloe’s Tips ~ Dinner party do’s and don’ts

Dinner Party table setting

Hosting a dinner party is one of the simple joys of life for me.  It is a chance for a group of friends to enjoy one another and good food around a communal table.  Here are some do’s and don’ts for hosting a dinner party:

  • Don’t use this occasion to try a new recipe, no matter how good a cook you are, at least do a dry run and try it out ahead of time.
  • Do use cloth napkins.
  • Don’t worry over your guest’s dietary restrictions and allergies.  If you are aware of them ahead of time, you can take them into consideration, but just make sure you offer a variety of foods so that all guests have choices.
  • Do use place cards.  Your guests will feel more comfortable knowing where they are to sit, and place cards give you the opportunity to seat guests in a configuration in which everyone will be most comfortable.
  • Don’t get carried away with a centerpiece, remember your guests would like to be able to see one another across the table.  Flowers or candles with strong scents are also a don’t on a dinner table.
  • Do enjoy yourself!  Make sure you have planned a menu which allows you to sit down and spend time with your guests, not stuck in the kitchen all evening.

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