Christmas Decorated Lantern

Christmas Decorated Lantern

In my world of blogging and crafting and creating fall is a distant memory and Christmas is in full swing.  I will be sharing lots of Christmas crafts and decor ideas.  Today I wanted to share this pretty lantern I have decked in traditional Christmas greens and red velvet ribbon.  Decorate a lantern for the holidays

I have had this lantern for a couple of years and as you can see, it has seen better days, but I still enjoy using it and when I get done with it, I don’t think anyone will notice the nicks in the paint.Decorate a lantern for the holidays

My favorite thing to do with my lanterns is to put those faux candles that come on and off automatically inside for the atmosphere.  For Christmas, I also like putting some faux snow inside them and adding some little bottle brush trees, but for this one, I decided to fill the lantern with red and gold glass ornaments.  Decorate a lantern for the holidays

Next, I cut a scrap of styrofoam about 3.4 X 4.5 inches.  This will be attached to the lantern to make my arrangement in.  Decorate a lantern for the holidaysEach lantern will be different, but for this one, I was able to use a chenille stem to feed through the top to attach my styrofoam.  Decorate a lantern for the holidaysThis photo shows how was able to feed the wire through the top so my arrangement will be securely attached to the lantern.Decorate a lantern for the holidaysI used a piece of my wood wired sticks to secure wires through my styrofoam on both ends and on each two sides of the foam to have wires to attach to my chenille stem.Decorate a lantern for the holidaysThis is what the back side of my styrofoam looks like, ready for these wired circles to be attached to the chenille stem on the top of my lantern.  Decorate a lantern for the holidaysHere you can see how I attached my styrofoam firmly to the top of my lantern.

Decorate a lantern for the holidaysI want my arrangement to go from high on the left and down low on the right, so I went to work placing faux Christmas greens into the foam.  Decorate a lantern for the holidaysI continued to build my arrangement within the template I had built for myself with the longer pieces of greenery.
DIY Christmas LanternI used short little pieces of greenery around the base of my styrofoam before beginning to fill in the rest of the arrangement.Decorate a lantern for the holidaysTime to add a big red velvet bow, then I filled in with greenery all around the bow.DIY Christmas LanternI tucked some red and gold Christmas ornaments throughout my arrangement, and it is ready to display!

Decorate a lantern for the holidaysI am getting so excited for Christmas, I wish these were fresh Christmas greens I was using already!!

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  1. Now I want to go home, light a scented “Christmas Memories” candle and listen to the Carpenter’s Christmas CD, LOL! Brilliant, beautiful and creative – as always. Well done!

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