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Christmas Table for Two

Christmas Table for Two

What if you had a fantasy setting, a lovely spot to set a table for two?  This spot is my favorite little park in Celebration.  The park is surrounded by tall white townhomes that remind me of a street in London.  The fountain and oaks in the park remind me of Charleston or Savannah.  Appropriately, this little park is called Savannah Square.  If you ever get a chance to visit Celebration, Florida, take a few minutes to sit on a bench in Savannah Square and enjoy the gurgling fountain and the shade under the stately oaks.   Elegant Christmas tablescape for two.

Elegant Christmas tablescape for two.

These extra tall and elegant white champagne glasses were the perfect choice for my pretty table.

Elegant Christmas tablescape for two. I set each place with a silver beaded placemat and topped them with silver and white dishes, including a dinner plate, a salad plate and little dessert plate.  I moved my top two plates to the side and tucked my napkin, wrapped in a marabou napkin ring to the other side.

Elegant Christmas tablescape for two.

Elegant Christmas tablescape for two.

I spotted this gorgeous sleigh at Hobby Lobby and hemmed and hawed over if I should add it too my much too full cabinets.  I carried it throughout the store before I finally just decided to go for it.  All of the little details are so pretty.  Elegant Christmas tablescape for two. A faux fur pelt and white furry throws softened the look of my acrylic chiavari chairs.  Elegant Christmas tablescape for two. Faux boxwood wreaths on the back of the chairs add a little more glam to this pretty Christmas table setting.

Elegant Christmas tablescape for two.

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  1. Deb Morehead says:

    Such beautiful pictures !!!

  2. Dee Caniglia says:

    Love your mailbox decorating.

  3. Oh Goodness Chloe, what a royal setting!! Did people come by and ask what you were doing? Such a beautiful location, and the throw and lush red and white is just over the top fun and fabulous!

    1. Oh yes, it was fun, Jenna! One man asked what time to come for dinner and another couple said, “we are cute, want us to get dressed up and come back?”. I love this park, I will have to try some in other seasons.

  4. The entire setting is magical but those maribou napkin rings? DIVINE!

  5. Chloe, this is fit for royalty. Just love the red and white, reminds me of Santa. How fun to actually dine there.

  6. I have been to Celebration numerous times and know right where that park is !
    We all need our own little park but it’s kind of cold in Central Florida right now.
    Merry Christmas

    1. Thank you Myrna, it is such a lovely little spot. It is cool, but having just flown back from northeast Ohio, I will take my cool Florida weather versus the bitter cold up there!

  7. I love your Christmas table setting for two. Those crystal ice chairs, your home, your outdoor space, I love it all. Wow

  8. Beautiful Christmas table for two. Love the red roses and sleigh for the centerpiece and the stack of dishes in silver and white. Great outdoor setting! Merry Christmas!

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