Classic Houses in My Neighborhood

Classic Houses in My Neighborhood

I spent last week up at my condominium in Ohio.  My neighborhood there is a close in suburb of Cleveland and full of old classic houses.  It is a beautiful neighborhood with mature trees, old homes and several high rise condominium and apartment buildings.  Mid Century high rise condominium building

I used to think it unusual to have high rise buildings among the classic homes in the neighborhood, but now it is just home.  An interesting fact is, my building is over 50 years old!  It is truly a mid-century modern home!  This building was built as apartments and changed to condominiums years ago.Daffodils are fadingWhile I was in Ohio, the weather was rainy and the fog was so thick along the lake that I couldn’t see the building across from ours most of the week.  BUT, one day the sun came out and it was glorious!  Out I headed for a walk through the neighborhood.  I do miss having my own garden, but the grounds of the condo are lovely, you can see the daffodils were beginning to fade.  Hosta in springI had so many hostas growing at our last home in Ohio, it is nice to see them around the building and I don’t have to worry about keeping the deer away or separating them when they need it.

Big leaf hostas If I had the space I would plant myself a cutting garden.  I often used hosta leaves in my flower arrangements.  Flowering treesOh, how beautiful all of the flowering trees were!  I was so glad I finally got a day to get out and enjoy them.Classic home

Glass side porch

This is one of the first homes I come across on my walk.  Almost all of the homes in this neighborhood have these glassed-in side porches like this one does. 


Classic home with glassed in front porchThe glassed-in porch on this home is on the front.  Don’t you love the arched detail over the driveway?Classic old Italianate home

This is the tragic beauty of our neighborhood.  I don’t remember all of the home styles I studied in design school, but I think this is a classic Italianate.  This home was for sale for many years and is certainly not in good repair, nor are the grounds maintained like this lovely home deserves.  Rusty gateThe wrought iron fence still stands all around this grand old lady, but as you can see the gate is rusted and in ill repair.  Beautiful landscapeThis is a house that is loved, as is the garden.  You can see the pansies planted in case there is another cold snap, but this garden gets prettier as the summer goes along.  French style brick home

French style home

Stucco french style homeThere are a handful of French style homes that are a couple of my favorites!  The inside of this home glows when driving by at night.  Federal style homeFederal style home

Grand Federal style home

There are several Federal style homes nearby, but there is this particular row of three that is quite impressive. Classic home with bright door! Little Free LibraryI was tickled to come upon a Little Free Library!  I will bring by a few books the next time I walk this way!  Don’t you like how they painted the library to match their home?  

Do you live in a neighborhood of older homes? There are so many different styles as I wander through the community.  I will share more later this summer, like the sweet little storybook house my daughter always called “an elf house”.  She thought it looked like a place the seven dwarfs might have lived!  

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  1. Beautiful Chloe, I love touring these amazing older ladies. I try to imagine how many families lived there and the stories they could tell if they could talk. I seem to associate movies with almost everything and I imagine some of these held families like those of the movie (“Meet Me In St. Louis) with Judy Garland or ” Mary Poppins” or “Papa’s Delicate Condition” with Jackie Gleason and Glynis Johns. Sigh! I know….there is no hope for me and my romantic imagination. What a beautiful second home…we need pics of your decor in your condo too please. thanks for sharing.

  2. I love architecture! Your neighborhood is lovely. Our home was built in 1967, but we aren’t in a neighborhood. Our rural home is on the side of a mountain. I enjoy seeing lovely older homes loved and maintained, and touring older neighborhoods and historic homes in places we visit is a favorite way to spend a day.

  3. Chloe, I love all of these homes…so gorgeous!!! So much beautiful architecture in those older homes. Hope you enjoyed your walk…it definitely looks as though you did! Love and hugs sweet friend!

  4. So generous to share this with us. Who doesn’t like gorgeous architecture? I just happened to be one of those people who loves anything traditional. I have never been to Ohio so far I like what I see. Thanks again.

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