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Coastal Christmas ArrangementCoastal Christmas Mantepiece

As a blogger, it is time for me to start getting my Christmas on!  I am starting with my mantel this year and selected a coastal theme in blues and greens.  This mantelpiece arrangement is the first project of this Christmas season for me.

How this will make my Christmas GORGEOUS!! The first thing I did to create this mantelpiece was to get a board about 24″ x 6 ” and adhere two of the velcro Command strips to the bottom of it.  This will give me added security when I put this on my mantel.  Next, I took a piece of styrofoam that was  2″ x  4″ x11″ , wrapped a piece of chicken wire around the front and top of it and nailed this to my board.  If I had left off the chicken wire, the weight of my arrangement could pull the nails right through the foam and it might end up on the hearth in pieces.

This is going to wow my holiday guests! I measured the space on my mantel both for the height of my arrangement, the width and the distance I would want it to hang down over the edge of the mantel.  I could not have my arrangement be more than 9 inches high or it would impede the opening of the doors that cover our television.  I stuck a red pipe cleaner into my foam and cut it off at 8 inches, knowing I had to keep my arrangement lower than the top of the pipe cleaner.Make a mantelpiece for ChristmasNow it was time to start building my arrangement.  I am going to make topiary trees to match this on each end of my mantel, so I began with some gray-green leaves.  These first four pieces are my template and all of my additional greenery will be placed within these piecesMake a coastal Christmas arrangement for your mantel!I began filling in within that template with additional faux greenery.  Make a coastal Christmas arrangement for your mantel!I added some sprays of sparkly green and gold branches that look like sea fans or spiky coral to begin to give my arrangement a coastal feel.How to add ornaments to your holiday arrangements. I wanted to add some of the ornaments I will be putting on my tree for a coordinated look.  First I put a dab of hot glue near the top of each ornament to make sure they would not pop off of their hangers.  Next, I threaded a heavy wire through the tops of the ornaments, wrapped the wires together with floral tape and they were ready to stick into my styrofoam.Holiday mantel arrangement tutorialI was beginning to get the look I wanted at this point.  Holiday arrangement for your mantel tutorialI added some ribbon loops and tails to my arrangement and only needed to add my coastal accents to finish up!  Coastal Christmas Arrangement for your mantel you can make step by step.I am thrilled with my coastal Christmas arrangement.  I simply tucked some white starfish and shells into my arrangement and added a couple of white seahorse ornaments.  I can’t wait to finish the rest of my mantel decor to match!  Coastal Christmas


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    1. Oh thank you Rita! I do sell things, usually local since shipping can cost so much, if there is anything in particular you are interested in, feel free to contact me. This piece is for my own mantel this year, but I could make a custom one for you.

  1. This color palette is so pretty and I love the coastal vibe. I am looking forward to seeing the topiaries and I know they will be beautiful. Hat’s off to you for getting started on Christmas!

  2. You do not need to wrap your oasis in chicken wire Just use oasis tape to hold it securely to the wooden base You will still be able to place all you want in your arrangement with our using the chicken wire If you want to place candles tape cocktail sticks to the bottom of the candles and place in the oasis.Hope this is useful.

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