Coffee Table Styling and a Link Up!

Coffee Table Styling

Evidently there are all kinds of rules for coffee table styling.  Things like how tall the items should be, how many items you should include, and so on.  Thank goodness I am not a rule follower!  I like to do my own thing.  I like to style my home in ways which make me happy.  To me that is a little part of what makes a happy home.

Books are a great thing to include on your coffee table.  Books can be stacked to add height, or covered in paper to carry through a color scheme.  For me, I like to use some coffee table books that coordinate with my home or the holiday and with the other items I am displaying on my table.

Since I trend toward a coastal or nautical style, I have so many elements and accent pieces in that vein to add to my coffee table styling.  I go a little more coastal in the summertime with seashells and in this case, a nice white bowl of white starfish.  They get displayed alongside a conch shell and a glass fish float.

My table is really large at 55 inches by 32 inches, and has a rough surface to the top.  When I bought this table, all I really wanted was something everyone could relax and put their feet up on if they wanted to, or set down a beverage without worrying it would damage the table.  Because of the rough surface I always use a tray of some kind on my table to give my objects a flat surface to rest upon.  A galvanized boot tray makes a good tray for this oversized table.  This summer I have gone with a pair of metal trays found on sale at Target!

What could be more special on my coastal coffee table than displaying a picture of my daughter when she was just a little thing in a cute red and white striped swim suit?  Are you like me?  Do you love coffee table styling?  I could mix it up and switch mine up every week!

Looking for some more coffee table book ideas?  Check these out from Havenly!

My Favorite Vignette Link Up:

What are your favorite places to style vignettes in your house?  I would love to have you link up and share a favorite vignette!  Do you leave a vignette for a long period of time or are you always switching them up like me?  No rules, just share those vignettes!

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  1. I really like the nautical theme of your current coffee table decor and of course it fits where you live perfectly! How nice of you to have a link for us to share our coffee table/vignettes. I’ve linked a fall coffee table centerpiece I did awhile back and I’ve shared a few tips on how I designed it.

  2. Hi Chloe, I’m doing another Friday with Friends – this time about vignettes.
    Would love to feature the picture with the seashells and the glass sea weight with a link back to you.
    Please let me know here or by email.

    P.S. I like the no rule, rule!


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