Create a Halloween Wreath with Creepy Crows

I have decided to decorate with black crows for Halloween this year on my new front porch.  I bought a number of crows last year at the Dollar Tree and never had a good idea for how to use them, but time changes that and here I am with all my crows and I have begun to formulate my ideas for my Halloween decor.  I wanted to begin with a door decoration so I will show you how to create a Halloween Wreath with creepy black crows.  Creepy Crow Halloween Wreath

My original thought was to glue these Dollar Tree crows onto a wreath form. I found this fun black glittery wreath below on sale at JoAnn’s, but when I put the crows on it, they just looked like they were floating and it just didn’t seem right.  I am sure I will use that wreath form for something, I am not worried about that!

Black Glitter Wreath Form

Base for creepy crow wreath

Instead I went out to my studio and found this oval cardboard from the back of an old picture frame and immediately knew this would be my base.  I was kind of excited that it was going to be oval and not round, I don’t know why, but I just felt that made it a little creepier.

Cutting the crows legs off

I sprayed the cardboard silver and then took all of my crows and (no real birds were used in the creation of this wreath) cut off all of their legs with wire cutters.

Crows being glued onto wreath form

After all of their legs were cut off, I began gluing them to the silver oval with my hot glue gun.

Making a Halloween Wreath

I thought I had plenty of these birds, but of course when I got to the end, guess what?  I was short one bird!  Look at that gap!  This would not do!  Trips to all of the local Dollar Tree stores have turned up spiders and rats but no crows.  I did find some really big crows with spread wings at my local At Home store, so I picked up a few of those for my front porch.  When I got home, I decided I would just add a bow and one large crow, as if he is the king of the crows.

Creepy red eyes on the crows

After all of my small crows were glued on, I decided they needed a little more creepiness, so I used some .99 red nail polish and painted all of their eyes red.  It doesn’t show up very well, but in person, it really makes a difference.  My king crow got the same treatment.

Glittery heads on the crows

I also decided a little black glitter would add a bit of shimmer, so I brushed a little craft glue to the head of each crow and sprinkled a little black glitter on each of them.  I am really happy with the outcome.

Trick or Treat Bag

I knew I wanted to warn Halloween visitors to “beware” of the crows, and while I was at Dollar Tree I spotted this trick-or-treat bag with a skull and crossbones and the word BEWARE.  Oh that was just perfect, and at $1 the price was right.

Beware of the Birda

I cut the BEWARE from of the bag and put the skull and crossbones away for a future project.  I then used Mod Podge to attach the BEWARE to the center of my silver oval.

Creepy Crow Halloween Wreath 2

I needed to fill that gap, so I used this great orange and black lace ribbon I found at Michael’s, tied a bow, attached it and then added my king crow to the top of the bow.  I imagine he is holding court, giving his minions their orders for a spooky Halloween!

Beware of the Birds Creepy Halloween Wreath

My door will be all ready to greet warn the trick-or-treaters.  Beware the birds should you come to my house this Halloween!

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Birds – Dollar Tree
Beware Trick or Treat Bag – Dollar Tree
Orange and Black Halloween Ribbon – Amazon
Silver Spray Paint – Amazon 

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  1. Love that! I bought one of those birds for an arrangement under my big glass dome but I love your idea! So creative and befitting the season! You did a great job! Thanks for sharing a tip and using affordable items! Happy Halloween/Happy October to you.

  2. This is definitely the best Halloween wreath that I have seen. I feel as though it is a common misconception that wreaths are only for the holiday season, although wreaths are the perfect home decor. They can be adjusted for every season or holiday, they are easy to DIY, and they can be placed in a plethora of different places in your home.

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