Deciding on a Style and a Link Party

As I move forward decorating my new home I find I am struggling to decide on a style.  Do you ever just ponder what exactly your interior design style is or what you want it to be?  If you had won that big Powerball lottery prize, and could redo your entire home or even buy a new home and start from scratch how would you decorate it?  I don’t have one single room completely finished yet, but here are a few glimpses from around the house.

Deciding on a style for my new home collage

I live in a planned community and my home is described in all of the literature as a “Coastal” style.  I don’t however, live on any coast.  Seriously, I can’t see hanging a sign that says “BEACH” with an arrow pointing toward the coast.  I don’t even know which way it would point since I am pretty much in the middle of the state between the two coasts.  But what about a sign that says “MARKET” over my pantry door?  What do you think?  I would love to hear from any of you with your ideas.

Collage of photos for deciding on a style for my new home

I love my home and living in Florida, I know I want a lighter and brighter interior.  I also know the purpose and use of this home.  This is a place for my husband and I to enjoy being together, but also a place where all my children and grandchildren are welcome for long weekends, vacations and holidays.  This is a home with a nice little apartment over the garage so my aging parents can be nearby.  How does all of this effect how I decorate?  This has to be comfortable for my husband and I and yet have durable surfaces for little ones to climb and tumble over.  I don’t want to stress when a cup gets spilled on the rug in the family room.

Now it is time for a party!  Come on in and share your posts or check out what everyone else is sharing.  My favorite share from last week was this How to Make a Farmhouse Sign by Diana over at Adirondack Girl at Heart.



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  1. Hi, Chloe! No new projects to share this week, but in answer to your decorating question — slipcovers. You can have light, bright and airy ones made up, and then take them off when you want a different look, and throw them in the washer when spills happen.
    Have a great week! Cynthia

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I just got my new sofas and they are leather…I figure they are already distressed and will hold up to most anything. What do you think about decor style? Coastal…cottage…farmhouse? Any thoughts? I thought I was doing coastal with a little bit of nautical touches…..

  2. I love modern/contemporary and would love to start from scratch with a new home. My husband, not so much. There are times, (especially winter) when the idea of moving to a warmer climate sounds great. Ideally, I like to keep our home here and have a second home in the south. Guess I better get busy with those lottery numbers! I like that you’re taking your time with the decorating, smart move.

    1. Thanks Sandra, I am so fortunate to have my modern place and my traditional place, and a place up North and in the South. It was a sunny day down here in Florida! We did have to get rid of the big house up North and keep just the little condominium. Good luck with those lottery numbers! Then, come on down!

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