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Decorate a Tent for a Party!

Decorating a tent for a wedding or party?  The size and height of a tent are a whole new challenge to the party hostess than decorating a room for a party.  Peruse some of these ideas and see if they might work for your big event.

tent decor for a party, decorate a tent for a wedding, hiding the poles in a tent

The support poles in this tent were disguised with sheer fabric, twinkle lights and branches.  Then additional twinkle lights and white paper lanterns were added hanging from the ceiling of the tent.  Try to imagine how your decor will look when the sun sets and it grows dark inside the tent.

Wedding in a tent, wedding lounge in a tent, red and yellow and orange tent decorT Simple paper garlands are a wonderful way to add some color and fill the large white void in the height of a tent.

Yellow and white balloons in the top peak of a tent for a wedding reception

This vintage-styled wedding was simply decorated with giant balloons filled with helium and floated up into the peak of the tent.  Strings tied on the balloons were trimmed with paper circles.  This is a good way to draw the eye up to the top of the tent.

Wedding tent decor, party tent decor, decorating a tent for a wedding, chandelier, draping a tent

This tent is an example of over-the-top decor with all the fabric draping and the crystal chandeliers.  I wouldn’t expect to see these in a back-yard wedding or graduation party tent.

Bat Mitzvah, Bar Mitzvah, wedding, party, party decor, centerpiece, centerpieces, feathers, neon colors, tall centerpieces These very tall and show centerpieces are a great choice for in a tent, as once again, they fill the space and the height of the tent, and in this case, they add a pop of color to a normally white tent.

Whatever your party or wedding plans that might involve a tent and decorating a tent, use your imagination, and let your ideas soar!  What are your favorite tent decorating ideas?  I would love to see your favorite pictures, too!

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